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Joomla Bird ! Joomla Bird is a Web Design, Consultancy and Software Development Company catering to the wide range of clients globally.

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1 Joomla Bird !

2 Joomla Bird is a Web Design, Consultancy and Software Development Company catering to the wide range of clients globally. Our services to name a few include Joomla Website Design, Migration Services, Mobile Web Design, e-Commerce Solutions. We also provide IT Consultancy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to our valued clients. VISION To help you achieve your targeted objectives. To provide best available technological solution. MISSION Follow best industry practices and ethics. About Us

3 WHY CHOOSE US? Joomla Bird couples your organization and business with a flexible model supported by the Content Management System (CMS) expertise. Having vast experience in the related functional areas, with Joomla Bird you fly high. Our services help you ascertain and foretell the essentials for the ever growing business. Joomla Bird "With Joomla Bird, you fly high"

4 Services Joomla Upgrade Service Mobile Web designing Joomla E-Commerce Solutions Joomla Website development Joomla Template Design Service

5 1. Joomla Bird’s joomla upgarde & migration service keep your Joomla website updated and secured. The support for Joomla 1.5 sites has been stopped by the Joomla Community. The older version sites are vulnerable to hackers and malware attack. 2. We offer Joomla websites migration with many new features, 100s of bug fixes, and a more secure and stable platform #Joomlamigration Joomla Upgrade & Migration Service

6 Joomla Migration comprises: 1. Migration of Category, Menus, Users, User Groups, Articles, Images and Media 2. Core Extensions Migration and fresh installation of 3rd party extensions. 3. Template customization and migration. 4. Zero down time for existing website.

7 Mobile Web Designing 1. With the fast growing Smart Phone Market and the Mobile Apps, it is vital and a pressing need that all the businesses and applications should be Mobile. 2. Joomla makes it convenient for converting the existing website to a Mobile Phone compatible site. Our Mobile Web Designs have contributed to our clients to reach a wider audience.Mobile Web Designs Joomla Bird’s “With Joomla Bird’s Mobile Web Design, your business is on the go” #Mobilewebdesign

8 Our Mobile Solutions are built taking into consideration: 1. Mobile Web Authoring 2. Device Independence Authoring 3. CSS Mobile 4. SVG Tiny 5. XHTML For Mobile 6. Mobile Web Applications 7. Geospatial

9 Joomla E-Commerce Solutions 1. For any online business, Joomla Bird knows how important an e-commerce site is. We treat it not only as a website, but an online store for selling your products and business growth. 2. Joomla e-commerce websites focus on the increased sales, user friendly options, well-laid products navigation and a sense of trustworthiness. Joomla e-commerce websites #Joomlaecommercewebsitedevelopment

10 The sites developed by Joomla Bird have helped them in: 1. Converting website visitor to a paying customer 2. Providing easy navigation system for the users 3. Offering flexible shipping & tax options 4. Multiple attributes facility for each product 5. Inventory management facility 6. Secured channels on a transaction basis

11 Joomla Website Development 1. At Joomla Bird, we give shape to your visions and dreams for building your website. With over 100s of websites designed by us, our qualified professionals understand the need of the website for the best user experience. 2. Identifying the client needs, our website designs and development provides information in precise and illustrated manner to the end designs and development visionsdreams “We give shape to your visions and dreams” #Joomlawebsitedevelopmentservice

12 Joomla Bird has always focused on the following website essentials: 1. Providing professional impression. 2. Attractive and Enjoyable user experience. 3. Easy to explore. 4. Deliver vital messages. 5. Search Engine Friendly

13 Joomla Template Design Service 1. Joomla Bird knows the significance of the Template Design for any website development. We collect your ideas for the theme and with our creative and skilled designers; we have provided our clients with unique and impressive templates.Template Design 2. We design the templates complying with the W3C Standards and best industry practices and are one of the few top designers of Responsive Templates. The templates are built keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. #Joomlatemplatedevelopment

14 Our Templates features include: 1. Several Module Positions and Stock Module Suffix Style 2. Multi Region Design 3. RTL / LTR Support 4. Custom Joomla Content Overrides 5. Cross Browser Compatibility for Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. 6. Mobile and Responsive Template

15 Contact Us Get Your Free Quote Here !

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