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Any question related Canada Immigration just mail your CV at we will contact you

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1 Any question related Canada Immigration just mail your CV at we will contact you

2 Canada Immigration Immigrating to the Maple leaf country is not a far fetched dream anymore, for the people intending to shift to on the basis of skills, business expertise and investment ready funds. The Canadian government has thrown open the doors to the willing immigrants; and is offering attractive sops to the qualified people. It would not be wrong to say here, that what was thought to be a really impossible task just a couple of years ago, can now turn into a sweet reality quickly.

3 Canada Immigration The completely revised Canadian Immigration Process, especially the skilled migration system, is a revolutionary concept in itself, as it sans long processing times and long waiting queues, formerly associated with the migration system of this country. The new system is believed to be a leaner and meaner system, as per the impression of the first year of its operation since the launch of Express Entry in 2015. The launch of new initiative has ushered in a new wave of enthusiasm among the people waiting to squeeze in their requests for shifting to this country with their skill sets. The latest introduction carries a promise of quick processing of the selected people, for Canada Immigration visa through skilled migration programs. What all the people have to do, under the new system, is to follow the guidelines and fulfill all the requirements mandated in the instructions.

4 Canada Immigration To initiate the Immigration Process of the Maple Leaf country through skilled migration route, you first need to ascertain the fact whether you fit into the picture of the Canadian migration scenario well. This would help you immensely, as fulfilling this process would not help you to get a clear picture of your status in relation to the possibilities of shifting to this country but also help you in clearly drawing a route map of activities of what you would need to do before placing your application. The new Canada Immigration process comprehensively relies on the electronic system that accepts electronic profiles in the form of an electronic document, better known as an EOI, from willing applicants. The electronic profile is loaded with all the mandatory details that you furnish during the EOI creation procedure and is stored in a pool of the profiles.

5 Canada Immigration Although the system does not need you to submit any fee while creating an EOI, but it requires to you accomplish certain tasks, like: Your age; Details of family member, if you intend to include them as co-applicants; Your education; Work exposure in your area of specialization; and Language compatibility in either of the official languages of the country; English or French.

6 Canada Immigration Compiling the important documents and submitting the essential information plays a pivotal role in the Canada Immigration system, as the information you submit would be used to assess your profile, done automatically and simultaneously by the automated system, and rank it in the pool of the profiles. The profiles are then selected by the authorities – the CIC – in the selection round. The selection of the people for the Canada Immigration Process is done through multiple programs; erstwhile FSW, FSTP and CEC; some parts of PNPs; and by the employers. The selected candidates are then invited to file for immigrating to the Maple leaf country, through an ITA, which must be responded to within the stipulated 60 days.

7 Canada Immigration Here, it is highly suggested that you subscribe to the services of a specialized agency that could render you comprehensive support and assistance in dealing with the Canadian visa procedure. Ascertaining the tasks required to be completed before you go on ahead with the creation of your profile on the Express Entry system.Canadian visa procedure Source:

8 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd Visit us at: http://www.abhinav.com Contact us @ If anybody can interested Just fill Immigration Visa Inquiry Form or send your resume at

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