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Bilingual Education: An advantage for the future that starts TODAY

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1 Bilingual Education: An advantage for the future that starts TODAY

2 Foundation kids in one of their sessions

3 Introduction Qualitative research project on a specific socio-cultural phenomenon in the discipline of English Requirements of the foundation Variability of the student population

4 Problem Lower socio-economic classes generally do not get a quality bilingual education: English Pilot program applied to improve results in the future

5 Research Question How can the implementation of bilingual education at an early age maximize the understanding of English in the future? Which kind of didactic activities can the teacher use to boost the learning of the kids in English?

6 General Objective Design a handbook of English for young learners that can be implemented at the Hogar Empresarial PROMADECO Fundación Botero Bueno

7 Specific Objectives Design a handbook of English
Train the teachers of the foundation Guide GI School por la Comunidad Evaluate the children's progress Analyze the results

8 Justification Globalization Divergence of resources
GI School Vision: "We will be a community that will generate practical models of learning and fun to educate for life."

9 Hypothesis Teaching English as a second language using didactic activities will provide children at Hogar Empresarial PROMADECO Fundación Botero Bueno the potential for a foundation in English in the future.

10 Conceptual Framework Didactic strategies: techniques used to make learning process fun Ludic: Relative to the game Pedagogy: Science that cares about learning and teaching Bilingual: speaks or writes in two languages

11 Theoretical Framework
Jean Piaget and his theory of learning Psychogenetic Assimilation and accommodation Equilibrium Cognitive Conflict Six stages: Pre Operative Oral language acquisition and pre intuitive sense, likewise begin to assimilate and develop preconceptions of shares imagination. Music: simple movements and rhythmic synchronization with a source.


13 Diagnostic Information
Teachers and foundation coordinator survey

14 Make this title fit on two lines

15 Teacher Test Vamos a jugar en el parque.
Vamos a lavarnos las manos en el baño. Vamos a desayunar. Vamos a comer. Vamos a almorzar. Silencio por favor. Vamos a cepillarnos los dientes. Vamos a limpiar el baño. Buenos días. Chao.


17 Field Work Design the handbook Train the teachers Fourteen sessions
Five direct Nine indirect ICBF requirements Guide the project

18 Training the teachers

19 One of the teacher development sessions at the foundation.

20 Materials and Sessions

21 Session One Session Two

22 Session Three Session Four

23 Results

24 An interview to one of the students at the foundation



27 Photo Gallery

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