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Le nuove frontiere dell’ HPC

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1 Le nuove frontiere dell’ HPC
Sergio Re Sales & Marketing Manager Silicon Graphics Italia

2 $500m 6000+ Clienti attivi 50 SGI oggi
Un’anzienda rivolta all’innovazione $500m Più di fatturato 6000+ Clienti attivi Più di 1700 persone in oltre paesi nel mondo 50 800+ persone che visitano clienti 300+ Ingegneri in R&D • sistemi Linux HPC più avanzati del mondo • un’architettura scalare unica • un sistema di condivione globale della memoria • File systems e condivisione dello storage • Servizi e consulenza I ns punti di forza tecnici

3 Fatturato per segmento di mercato
Enterprise Business Management/Media 9% Defense & Intelligence Engineering 35% Analysis 20% Sciences 36%

4 SGI Systems Highly Integrated and Massively Scalable
Performance Computing Advanced Graphics Storage

5 Joint Development With Partners
SGI and Intel collaborage on system design requirements for large scale computing for Itanium and Xeon CPUs SGI maintains a close working relationship with Novell on Linux support for scalability, performance, and support for SGI servers and storage systems. SGI works closely with Red Hat on Linux support with a special emphasis on security and adherence to standards SGI has contributed thousands of lines of code to the Linux Community Including code that supports large scale computing, reliability and stability SGI and Oracle are jointly developing, selling and marketing Enterprise solutions for data intensive problems

6 Le necessità di calcolo
CPU Simulazione Metereologica Generiche applicazioni di calcolo Signal processing Database Web server Memoria I/O How are we improving from Origin? We’re already recognized for our leadership in high-performance scalability. However, scalability isn’t a uni-linear path. How you define scalability depends on the application. (Click through different applications and which aspects of scalability are important to each.) The big goal is to increase the modularity of Origin so that these subcomponents can be managed separately. Media streaming

7 SGI Advanced HPC Platform
Large SMP Workflow Midrange SMP/ Cluster Workflow Application Appliance Cluster Workflow SGI® Altix® 450 SGI® Altix® 4700 SGI® f1200 SGI® Altix® XE ICE 8200 The SGI Altix line of servers and supercomputers provides customers with mid-range and high-end systems that lead the industry in scalability, performance, and price/performance – all based on 100% Linux In June, SGI announced a refresh to this server line based on Intel’s new dual-core Montecito processor technology – and will also announce an upgrade to the Altix 350 midrange server, which we refer to as “Project Proteus”. At the same time, SGI announced an entirely new line of x86-64 based servers and clusters – designed to provide customers with an advanced solution for workgroup servers and small node clusters. Intel® ITANIUM2 based Intel® Xeon® based

8 SGI Workflow Ready Solution
Workflow Continuum Common Linux OS & Development Tools SGI Scalable shared file servers & storage solutions The SGI Altix line of servers and supercomputers provides customers with mid-range and high-end systems that lead the industry in scalability, performance, and price/performance – all based on 100% Linux In June, SGI announced a refresh to this server line based on Intel’s new dual-core Montecito processor technology – and will also announce an upgrade to the Altix 350 midrange server, which we refer to as “Project Proteus”. At the same time, SGI announced an entirely new line of x86-64 based servers and clusters – designed to provide customers with an advanced solution for workgroup servers and small node clusters. Common Workload Management Tools Systems Management & Monitoring

9 SGI: Complete HPC Solution on Linux®
SGI ProPack™ for Linux And Third Party Tools Debuggers: Intel Debugger Etnus® TotalView® GNU GDB Allinea Software Distrbuted Debug Tool Performance and Analysis Tools: Intel VTune™ Performance Analyzer Intel Trace Analyzer and Trace Collector SGI Performance Co-Pilot™ SGI pfmon and SGI Histx Other SGI ProPack Tools REACT 4.2 (real-time support) XVM NUMA tools (cpuset, dlock, dplace) Embedded Support Partner (ESP) Graphics support Compilers: Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers for Linux GNU Compiler for C and Fortran 77 Libraries: SGI Message Passing Toolkit SGI Scientific Computing Software Library SGI Flexible File I/O Intel Math Kernel Library Intel Integrated Performance Primitives NAG C, Parallel, Fortran, Fortran SMP, F90 Automated Parallelization Tools: Parallel Software Products ParaWise Open Source Development Tools:,, SourceForge®.net SGI Data Management Software CXFS™ cluster File System DMF hierarchical storage management Standard Linux Distributions Novell SUSE™ Linux Enterprise Server 9 and 10 RedHat® Enterprise Linux 4

10 ICE 8200 Breakthrough Reliability
(16) 2-Socket Nodes (2) 4x DDR IB Switch Blades (1) 24-Port IB switch ASIC per blade 10U 24-inch EIA Form Factor (17.50-in H x 22.5-in W x 32-in D) (1) Chassis Management Controller (CMC) (7+1) 1625W 12VDC Output Front-End Power Supplies Front View Carlsbad IRU: 128 cores and no cables Redundant, hot swap power and cooling Fully Buffered DIMMS to reduce transient errors Blade design provides rapid serviceability InfiniBand backplane for high signal reliability

11 ICE 8200 Breakthrough Performance Density
Up to 512 Cores and 6 TFlops per Rack (16) Carlsbad Blades Each 42U rack (30” W x 40” D) rack has: (4) IRUs with (16) 2-Socket Carlsbad Nodes each (128) DP Intel® Xeon® sockets DDR IB ports on (4) backplanes for torus (48) 4x DDR IB 19” standard rack also supported SGI offers optional chilled water-cooled units for use in large system configurations 39.5kW (high-bin SKUs + (4) FB DIMMs /socket) 31.6kW (assuming 80% system-level derate) Rack weight ~ 2050 Lb (246 Lb/ft2 footprint) (16) Carlsbad Blades (16) Carlsbad Blades (16) Carlsbad Blades

12 SGI Scalable ccNUMA Architecture Basic Node Interconnect
CPU CPU C A H E C A H E CPU CPU C A H E NUMAlink Interconnect Interface Chip Interface Chip Physical Memory Physical Memory Physical Memory

13 Open Systems Scaleable Infrastructure
RASC™ (FPGA) TIO GPUs Scalable GPUs TIO General Purpose I/O General Purpose I/O Interfaces FPGA(s) FPGA(s) Physical Memory C A E H CPU Interface Chip Physical Memory C A E H CPU Interface Chip Physical Memory C A E H CPU Interface Chip TIO NUMAlink™ Interconnect Fabric

14 5U ‘Individual Rack Unit’ Chassis
SGI® Altix® 450 “Plug and Solve” Blade Form Factor Half-rack or Full-rack 5U ‘IRU’ Chassis -Chassis-only option -3rd party rack option 2 to 38 Sockets -4 to 76 cores 608 GB SSI Memory -Increasing to 912GB in 1HCY07 S I/O Double Slot (I/O) Single NUMALINK Power Sup. 5U ‘Individual Rack Unit’ Chassis

15 Bringing it Together: Solution Components
SGI® Altix® and Altix® XE ISC Star-P™ Scalable servers, clusters, and supercomputers Cost-efficient, reliable Altix XE clusters with leading density, power efficiency Advanced scalability to 512 processors per Altix server and 128TB globally addressable memory per system Complete Linux solution for HPC Interactive parallel computing platform Bridges MATLAB and Altix servers Works with familiar desktop tools, while leveraging an HPC for computationally-intensive tasks Automatic and transparent, no new programming The SGI Altix server platform and Star-P bring it all together. Star-P bridges MATLAB and HPC Servers allowing researchers to work with the familiar desktop tools while leveraging the power of the SGI Altix HPC servers for computationally intensive tasks. This solution is really the “best of both worlds”. Images courtesy of Silicon Graphics, Inc; Interactive Supercomputing Inc.

16 How Star-P works Star-P consists of desktop & server software
Desktop software – Star-P Client Overloads or intercepts desktop tool functions Connects and communicates to/with server software – securely Server software – Star-P Server on SGI® Altix® or SGI® Altix® XE Manages and directs resources – memory, cpu’s and I/O Contains world class libraries for parallel execution User & Session management

17 What’s the Value Desktop Users: Organization No change in religion
Interactivity On parallel machines For large data No reprogramming No C, Fortran, MPI Reduced run times Not hours or weeks Continued model optimization Organization Collapse development cycles Reduce costs Broaden usage Shorten solution time Accelerate research

18 Parallel Development Takes Too Long
Months or years are spent porting from desktops to parallel systems No interactively on parallel machines from desktop Little ability to iterate Long compute times for batch runs; hours-days Analyst’s ability to optimize the model is limited

19 Using Star-P– Serial operations
Use MATLAB File Editor Profiler Debugger Array Editor Desktop Visualization Small Calculations Running Star-P does not affect normal MATLAB environment Problems that can be solved on desktop - stay on desktop

20 SGI® RASC™ Solution: Simplifies Development & Improves Programmer Efficiency
Gnu Debugger (GDB) FPGA Aware Simultaneous debugging of both the CPU based app and the FPGA accelerated app RASC Abstraction Layer (RASCAL) SGI provided Enables serial or parallel FPGA scaling RASC API and Core Services Library Provides tools to develop reconfigurable computing elements in a multi-user, multiprocessing environment 3rd Party HLL Development Tools Mitrionics Mitrion C, Impulse-C and ROCCC Synplicity Synplify Pro and Xilinx Synthesis Technology Supported within RASC environment For advanced incremental and modular design methodologies

21 How Do FPGAs Differ from Traditional CPUs?
Compare Application Run Time %’s Application Run-Time Comparison RC100 Method Key Algorithm running on FPGA Algorithm Execution Time Traditional Method CPU only Execution time Time Savings Job Run Time Export Algorithm to RASC Directly map computationally-intensive algorithms to hardware with RC100 technology Identify RASC appropriate algorithm

22 SGI® RASC™ RC100 Blade SSP NL4 V4LX200 TIO PCI Selmap NL4 Loader

23 SGI Workflow Ready Solution –Segment Example –Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
Any combination of ALTIX servers & XE sharing storage resources FSI Workload SGI Solution: ALTIX XE Modest memory addressability (~2-4GB+/core) ALTIX 450/4700 Large memory addressability (~4-8GB/core) Option for B/W blades Storage High Speed SAS (~250GB/core) 4SAS disks per XE node CAPABILITY CAPACITY SGI Altix 450/4700 SMP & super head node InfiniBand or GigE Fabric SGI Altix XE 1200/1300 (x86-64) clusters Fibre Channel or InfiniBand or GigE Fabric Minimize time-to solution for the largest & most demanding problems Cost-effective Solution & performance leader for most analyses SGI® Scalable NAS (and other shared file servers) Optimally meet the diverse needs of all workloads or procurement drivers

24 Advanced Graphics Storage

25 SGI® InfiniteStorage Hardware
Multi-purpose RAID Systems Streaming Real-time RAID Low-cost SATA RAID 350 4 Gb connectivity 500GB SATA drives 4500 Max performance 4Gb FC or IB Enterprise S/W FC RAID / SATA 6700 Multiple high resolution streaming Isochronous Ultra-dense RAID 10000 Ultra-high density Tape complement or replacement One rack – 240 TB 4000 4Gb Fibre Channel Ultimate Price/Performance FC RAID / SATA SAN NAS Completely integrated Easy to deploy Grows with customers’ business We have many new offerings on the storage side, in a big marketplace, as we compare ourselves to the NetAps, the EMCs of the world, we believe we have a very strong line up in comparison to them. JBOD 120 Easy to deploy modular scalability

26 Data Management Software Stack
Storage Product Integration DMF CXFS NFS RDMA accelerated (NAS) XFS SGI System Altix Servers 3rd Party Disks, Fiber Channel Switches

27 InfiniteStorage® Appliance Manager
Setting up NAS with Appliance Manager is easy as configuring a home network! Monitor Appliance Information Trends and Statistics in Real-Time!

28 SGI® InfiniteStorage, le soluzioni
SGI® InfiniteStorage Data Migration Facility (DMF) migra in maniera trasparente I files dallo Storage On-line a quello definito near-line secondo I critei temporali assegnati Questo porta ad abbassare il TCO Incremetare il ROI e la produttività E’ più facile da gestire Riduce I rischi di perdita dei dati Protegge gli investimenti iniziali Integra la disponibilità del dato con la sua sicurezza SGI® InfiniteStorage Shared File System CXFS™ tutti I file sono condisisi non sono copiati Non si spreca spazio si risparmia tempo si risparmiano soldi File B File D File E File F File G File H File I File A File C

29 Vi interessa?... Si chiama Pixelfusion Enviroment
Dedicato a: Decision Support Centres, Surveillance/Homeland Security/Crisis, C4I battlefield command and control Vi interessa?... Si chiama Pixelfusion Enviroment

30 Media Fusion Process Native Render Local Display IP Streams Local
Input Input Fusion Fusion Output Output Native Render Fusion Render to Pipes Local Display IP Streams Network Stream to IP Local Streams Record/ Retrieve Network


32 HPC Technology Investment Strategy
Packaging Consistency Density & Reliability Energy Efficiency Interconnect Reduce Cost Increase Value Data Management

33 Oracle® TimesTen : In-Memory DB Customer Benchmark Results
Government Customer’s Data & Tests Incumbent 96GB System vs. Altix 960GB Improvement Ingest order-records x Ingest person-records x Query 1 per secest vs K/sec Join Data 1 every min vs K/sec Sub-Query 1 every 5mins vs K/sec May’06

34 SGI Altix Servers Support More Memory
Maximum Memory Memory/Core SGI Altix 4700 128 TB 128 GB/core IBM p595 2 TB 32 GB/core HP Superdome 16 GB/core Sun Enterprise 25K 1 TB 8 GB/core Source: Ideas International, Inc. – February 2007 SGI Altix 4700 supports more memory Fewer cores are required to support the same level of memory Lower TCO: Spend less on processors Spend less on software licenses

35 SGI Altix 4700 Requires Less Floorspace
Dense System Packaging is one of SGI’s Core Competencies System Footprint Width Depth Area Altix 4700 45” 26” 1170” HP SuperDome 60” 48” 2880” Sun E25K 65” 33” 2145” IBM p595 52” 31” 1612” HP SuperDome Sun E25K IBM p595 SGI Altix 4700

36 SGI Altix Innovative Power Architecture
SGI Servers are Twice as Efficient Typical Power Architecture SGI Power Architecture AC AC Server 48VDC SGI Altix Server No 48V Conversion ~80% Additional boards Additional boards board board High Efficiency Power Converters 12v 12v ~80% 90% 1.85v 3.3v 1.2v 1.85v 3.3v 1.2v 85% Proprietary Power Design ~70% 80% x 80% x 70% = 45% efficiency 90% x 92% = 76% efficiency

37 Interconnect Strategy : Reduce Cost & Increase Capability
NUMAlink5: hw extension of IFB (’09) COTS Infiniband12x copper cable COTS serdes Custom protocol (higher capability) NUMAlink4 (Today) Custom copper cable Custom signaling Custom protocol $450 (5m) $150 (5m)

38 Copper : Weight becoming significant
Picture credit : LRZ

39 SGI NumaLink System Architecture
MPU MPU MPU IO CPU IO Very Large Shared Memory . Globally Addressable . Low Latency . High Bandwidth . Many Ports CPU CPU APU (GPU) CPU APU (FPGA) APU (FPGA) CPU CPU

40 Sergio Re Tel

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