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Stages of Plot Development

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1 Stages of Plot Development

2 What is plot? The chain of event in a story.
Basically, what happens in the story. Plot development does not necessarily occur in time sequence. (i.e. flashbacks, flash forwards)

3 Plot Chart Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition Resolution

4 Exposition Setting: When and where the story takes place (This can/will change in plays.) Introduction of main characters (Characters may be introduced outside of the beginning of the story)

5 Rising Action Introduction of main conflict of the story
Conflict: the problem a character must resolve in the story (two types) the struggle between two opposing forces Internal conflict: person vs. themself External conflict: person vs. some other force Sets up complications

6 Climax The “turning point” of a story The most exciting point

7 Falling Action Things are beginning to come to a close
Issues are discovered and solutions are beginning to take form.

8 Resolution The main conflict of the story is resolved.
Some stories may end without a resolution. (No satisfactory ending)

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