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Book 8 The Odyssey A Day for Songs and Contests

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1 Book 8 The Odyssey A Day for Songs and Contests
By: Zack Judson and Justin Trammell

2 Main Characters Alcinous- King of the palace and island who kindly welcomes Odysseus. He helps Odysseus very much on his way home. Broadsea- Challenges Odysseus and is very ignorant in the beginning but turns out to be rather nice and gives Odysseus a warm farewell. Physically attractive and capable. He seemingly matures throughout the book. Odysseus- The host at Alcinous’ island. He is very athletic and strong. Touched by Demodocus’ singing. He is trying to get home after being away for almost 20 years. Athena- Spreads the word of the meeting for everyone to see the godlike visitor, Odysseus. Demodocus- The bard and singer who comes to the meeting and sings songs of past occurrences (usually of troubled events). His singing touches Odysseus because it brings back depressing memories of war for Odysseus.

3 Main Points Alcinous calls a meeting of his Phaeacian counselors. Athena Spreads the word that there is a godlike visitor who is going to be present at the meeting. At the assembly, Alcinous proposes providing a ship for his visitor so that the man can return to his homeland. Odysseus accepts this offer and then Alcinous hosts a feast and games for the people to honor his guest. There, a blind bard named Demodocus is invited to sing at the meeting. The song reminded Odysseus of a terrible event at Troy. Everyone listens with pleasure except Odysseus, who weeps at the painful memories that the story recalls. The king notices Odysseus crying and ends the feast. The games then begin shortly after.

4 Main Points The games include boxing, throwing the discus, racing, wrestling, archery and more. Odysseus is asked to participate but declines this offer. He is then insulted by a young man broadsea, which causes Odysseus to become irritated. With this Odysseus quickly participates and wins all of the games he attempted. The situation becomes tense and once again Alcinous saves the day. He invited everyone to rejoin the feast to ease the tension. Demodocus performs another song about a affair between Ares and Aphrodite. Afterward, Alcinous and each of the Phaeacian peers give Odysseus gifts to take with him on his journey home. Broadsea gives him a speacial gift (a bronze and silver sword, for he is a man of war) and apologizes to Odysseus. Later at dinner that night, Demodocus to sings to the people of the Trojan horse, but once again Odysseus cries in memory of the occurence. King Alcinous again notices and stops the music. Finally he asks Odysseus where he is from, who he is, and where he is going so his 52 man crew can return him to his destination.

5 Questions 1. Describe the importance of Demodocus’ figure.
2. Who do you think Demodocus represents? 3. Why are the people so accepting and nice to Odysseus? 4. How is King Alcinous helping Odysseus get home? 5. What is Odysseus’ motivation to stay for the games? (Why didn’t he just leave as soon as possible?) 6. Infer why Broadsea challenges Odysseus at the sporting events. 7. Explain why Odysseus is embarrassed to show his tears over Demodocus’ song? 8. What provokes Odysseus to prove his athleticism to the Phaeacians? 9. Why do you think Posieden’s reactions differ from the other gods concerning Hephaestus’ retaliation to the affair? 10. Infer why Broadsea apologized to Odysseus for his disrespect? 11. What did each of the 13 peers contribute to Odysseus for his voyage home? 12. What is the importance of the prophesy who appears in the end of the book in which one of the Phaeacian ships will turn to stone?

6 Answers 1. He is inspired by the muse to sing about ones past life. Odysseus is touched by his singing. 2. Demodocus represents Homer, the author. They were both believed to be blind bards. 3. The Phaeacians were curious to learn of this new stranger, “a seasoned man of war” who wandered the oceans and raided cities in far lands. 4. King Alicinous hosts a feast and games in his honor, as well as giving him parting gifts and organizing a ship and crew to sail him safely home. 5. Even though longing to head home, it would have been rude for Odysseus to leave abruptly the feast and games prepared graciously in his honor. 6. Broadsea challenges him because Odysseus’ physical attributes do not look like that of an athlete. Broadsea may have been physically advanced but his mind and speech were nothing compared to that of Odysseus. He thought he was superior to Odysseus. 7. Odysseus hid his tears behind his cape during the songs of the Bard, Demodocus, because the words of the songs reminded him of memories at war and times of great sorrow. 8. Broadsea challenges Odysseus and gets him quite angry. Broadsea was mocking him, putting him down, and calling him a skipper of prophecies. 9. Posieden believes that Ares will pay the price and he should not be humiliated like this. Posieden even states, “I guarantee that Ares will pay the price, whatever you ask Hephaestus, whatever is right in the eyes of the gods. If Ares scuttles off I will pay the debt.” 10. He apoligized for he wanted to make amends to their newfound friend. He even gave him what was considered a special gift. It was a sword of silver, ivory, and bronze. Odysseus will value this for he is a great warrior. Broadsea gave him a warm farewell, accepted by Odysseus. 11. They all gave a fresh cloak, a shirt, a bar of gold, and some peers contributed a special gift, such as broadsea’s sword. 12. This may serve as foreshadowing of Odysseus’ journey. His ship may turn to stone.

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