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European Quality in Social Services. Training Consultancy Certification.

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1 European Quality in Social Services

2 Training Consultancy Certification

3 Rights Person centred Comprehensiveness Partnership Participation Result orientation Ethics Leadership Continuous improvement EQUASS Quality Framework

4 Multi stakeholder approach Non-prescriptive Measurable Self-evaluation External verification EQUASS Concept of Quality European quality requirements

5 EQUASS Certification programmes Rights Ethics Person centred Comprehensiveness Partnership Participation LeadershipResult orientation Continuous improvement

6 Scope All types of Social Services Tested in: (Vocational) Rehabilittion Vocational Education and Training

7 Achievements Indicators2008 Certified organisations18 Certified centres24 Certified sites35 Countries10 Local Licence Holder3 EQUASS Consultants23 Auditors Excellence Assurance 47

8 Project: ‘EQUASS Best Practice’ Aim: sharing best practice VET-sector Increase availability / accessability Method: Exchange Training Dessimination Results: EQUASS auditors Local Licence Holders Web based manual

9 Project: ‘Prometheus’ Aim: Develop & validate cross sectoral Quality approach for social services Method: CEN Workshop Training Field testing Results: CWA: European Quality Framework for Social Sector European Quality system for social sector Bench mark of best practice

10 Project: Best Quality Aim: Advice and instruction to EC on how the quality of social service providers can be compared, evaluated and improved European-wide. Method: Analaysis, comparision and study of QM-system at European Level Results: Recommendations to the European Commission regarding the comparability and effectiveness of the QM systems. Partners: Josefheim Bigge, Bugenhagen Berufsbildungswerk Timmendorfer Strand, Technische Universtität Dortmund and Stiftung Liebenau (D) Ceder Foundation (UK), Valakupiu Rehabilitation Centre (LT),), Ergastiri PANAGIA ELEOUSA (GR),

11 Tasks Local License Holder (1) Receiving EQUASS Assurance applications Invoicing for the application fees Transmitting the applications in English to the EQUASS unit in Brussels Contracting a qualified auditor Planning the audit in accordance with the EQUASS Assurance procedures.

12 Tasks Local License Holder (2) Ensuring that the auditor sends the audit report (in English) to the EQUASS unit in Brussels after the completion of the audit. Informing EQUASS applicant about certification. All EQUASS auditors must be qualified and appointed by the EQUASS Awarding Committee.

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