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European Quality in Individualized Pathways in Education.

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1 European Quality in Individualized Pathways in Education

2 EQUIPE European Quality in Individualized Pathways in Education Grundtvig 4 Socrates Programme European Commission Grundtvig 4

3 Coordinator – Universidade do Porto 28 Universities 4 networks as partners 22 Countries Three years Budget 309722 € (189399 € grant) Description

4 Enhance quality of individualized pathways. New publics for Universities Quality assurance Project Equal Networks LL, ICT and ODL Rationale

5 Innovative educational practices Quality tools Different media Access and entry Learning experience Impact and progression Dissemination Aims

6 Review quality models Toolkit from Equal manual Staff development Seminars, conferences and workshops Promote networking and cooperation Build up capacity in universities Objectives

7 Web based formats Virtual environments Subgroups and peer evaluation University staff Cooperation with other networks Adult learners Other characteristics

8 Summary and review of quality models Flexible guidebook on quality in LL Set of case studies Virtual evaluation model Interactive site for exchange of Information Leaflets – newsletters Published articles Output 1 – Toolkit / Virtual Tool Toolkit

9 Workshop Seminars Evaluators Trainers Consultants Advisors Different languages Output 2 – Experts Team Experts team

10 Web based and f2f Consultancy Virtual mutual evaluation Workshops Seminars Conference presentations Output 3 - Services Services

11 Management group External (EUCEN) Autumn meetings – working plan Spring meetings – review and adaptation Net meeting twice a year Interim and final reports Monitoring

12 Different forms and times Partner – university, region and country Passive – website Active – EUCEN and EDEN National networks and members Regular conferences Final conference (autumn 2005) Dissemination

13 Iterative procedure Testing divided in subgroups Case studies Models Training and transfer Linking and cooperation Working process

14 SG1 - innovative quality projects for access (advice, guidance, apel) SG2 - delivery of LL (ICT, ODL and Elearning) SG3 - impact and progression (satisfaction, certification, social and community development) SG4 - collection and edition Subgroups – Year 1 Subgroups

15 TF 1 - Case Studies: make the materials of the web site accessible to the target audience by creating a framework of key themes that are coherent with the whole web site TF 2 Virtual Benchmarking: TF 3 Models and References: expertise questionnaire; list of experts TF 4 (Quality Learning Tool- QLT): virtual handbook Task Forces – Year 2 Subgroups

16 Year 3 Brno Finalised web site design and content Finalised organisation of Case Studies and related material for web user access and coherence with QLT & Virtual Benchmarking Tool Finalise Models and References, including Team of Experts, and publish on web site Interim Meeting of Man. Group to Review Progress – Brussels, Feb05 Final Meeting of Man. Group – Porto, Sep05 Final Project Report Final Evaluation Report

17 Number and representativity of partners Contacts with other projects, networks and associations New publics for universities Possible sustainability Promotion of LL Reference people and documents Other aspects

18 Website: http://equipe.up.pt E-mail: Contacts

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