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Università della Terza Età di Novara

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1 Università della Terza Età di Novara
LINGUA INGLESE – Base Dott. Raimondi Andrea Welcome to lesson nr. 5 Part 3

2 It’s eight o’clock It’s half past eleven It’s a quarter to nine
It’s a quarter past two It’s a quarter to nine It’s ten past five It’s twenty past five

3 Dimostrativi: This / That - These / Those
This /dis/ = questo/a This book, this pen,… That /daet/ = quello/a That door, that wall,… These /diis/ = questi/e These books, these hands Those /dous/ = quelli/e/quei Those people, … What’s (is) this? This is a desk What’s (is) that? That is a chair What are these? These are… What are those? Those are…



6 There is / There are is are isn’t / is not aren’t / are not Is Are


8 Sintassi: aggettivi Aggettivi sempre prima del nome >>> A good man Colori: white, black, green, blue /bluː/, yellow, red, brown Forma/dimensione: small /smɔːl/, little big, tall /tɔːl/, short /ʃɔːt/ round, square /skweə(r)/ Two tall women, A small bed, A square room Gusto/opinione: beautiful, lovely, nice, good, bad, ugly, horrible A lovely day, A good girl, An ugly face A red car, Blue eyes, A white dog

9 Sintassi: aggettivi In caso di due aggettivi: l’aggettivo che esprime un’ opinione personale va sempre prima A beautiful white car A nice little house, An ugly short man, A charming black woman

10 Sintassi: aggettivi

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