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2 2 Corporate Structure ANSALDO SIGNAL FINMECCANICA Ansaldo Segnalamento Ferroviario

3 3 Revenues (M) Transportation Sector of Finmeccanica TURN-KEY SYSTEMS SIGNALLING ROLLING STOCK 2003 Employees

4 4 Corporate Architecture

5 5 Torino ( 300 ) Genova ( 402 ) Napoli ( 185 ) Potenza ( 149 ) Engineering Installation & Commissioning Project Management Company H. Q. R & D Marketing & Sales Engineering Project Management Engineering RAMS Project Management Staff Factory 33 % Degrees 56 % Graduates 11 % Others TOTAL 1040 at Aug. 04 Manchester ( 4 )

6 6 Main Systems and Products Electronic interlockings ERTMS/ETCS Conventional ATC and ATP CTC

7 '00'04 ACEIACC Interlockings portfolio: equipped stations

8 8 Cassino Pescara H. V. Firenze Tiburtina Prenestina N. Salario Nomentan a B. Portonaccio B. Tiburtuina Roma Termini PisaViterbo La Storta M. Mario Maccares e San Pietro Aureli a Trastevere Ostiense Tuscolana P. Galeria Magliana Aeroporto L. Vinci Casilin a B. Casilina Torricol a Ciampino Scalo S. Lorenzo B. Tuscola na Roma Junction lay out V. A.A. F. Cesan o R. Salario Bivio Nord Smistam. Settebagni Monteroton do Fara Sabina Cab F Cab C Prenestin a Tor Sapienza Salone Lunghezz a Bagni Tivoli Orte Guidonia Operator Interface of the Supervision system

9 9 West Coast main line

10 10 Automatic Block systems: Lines length equipped

11 11 Wayside installations: km lines length, 300 stations - Firenze junction: 120 stazioni - Napoli junction: 72 stazioni - Torino junction: 50 stazioni -Verona junction: 14 stazioni SCMT: Sistema Controllo Marcia Treno

12 12 Line length (km) under CTC control

13 13 Genova Torin o Mi Rom a Venezia Bologn a Bar i Brennero Napol i CTC Grande Rete Palermo Siracusa Messina CTC Grande Rete per: Genova junction (650 trains per day) Venezia junction (630 trains per day) Napoli junction (1150 trains per day) Tirrenica line (500 trains per day) Adriatica line (590 trains per day) Bologna - Brennero line (400 trains per day) Palermo junction (490 trains per day)

14 14 Italian High Speed Network Main traffic characteristics Main train speed300 km/h Min. headway2.5 min Min. timetable5 min. Electric traction25 kV ac Long distance trains Fast freight trains

15 15 ItalyGenova Milano linee 1, 2, 3 Napoli Roma linee A, B PerùLima U KBirmingham BrBelo Horizonte

16 16 ERTMS Application Vienna - Budapest line Madrid-Sevilla Arezzo-Rigutino H. S. line Tournan-Marles -en-Brie line Plovdiv junction and Stara Zagora-Burgas line Site Tests Ongoing Projects Madrid-Barcelona- French border HS line Whole Italian H. S. network (first line will be Rome- Naples) TGV East Lev. 1 overall network Vienna Budapest line STM for migration strategy

17 17 Goals Achieved ASNV involvement in the ERTMS Specs Development as Eurosig/Unisig Member Selection of ASNV technology for Eurobalise ASNV participation in the French and Italian Pilot Projects ASNV leading role in the Vienna-Budapest ERTMS Implementation Project ASNV Extremely successful in EMSET Tests (Madrid-Sevilla)

18 18 Goals Achieved ETCS Lev. 1 in Bulgaria (as supplier of components) ETCS Lev. 1 in Hungary (as supplier of components) ETCS Lev. 1, 2 in Madrid-Barcelona (Spanish HSL) ETCS Lev. 2 for all Italian HSL ETCS Lev. 1,2 for the TGV Est Européenne


20 20 Italian Project: Sections

21 21 Italian Project: Sections

22 22 Italian Project: Sections

23 23 Italian Project: Sections

24 24 H. S. line Roma-Napoli: system architecture Centro GSM-R SIRTI SCC ANSALDO RBC ALSTOM Posto Centrale NSS BSC Rete TLC-LD SIRTI Posto Periferico Piazzale Periferia GSM-R SIRTI NVP - GAT ANSALDO Boe ANSALDO Dev. Oleodinamici Dev. Elettromecc. ALSTOM Interfaccia CdB audiofr. Altri dispositivi (RTB,…) ALTRI Cabina CdB audiofrequenza ALSTOM BTS

25 25 Milano - Bologna Italian Project: ERTMS overall architecture

26 26 Torino - Milano Italian Project: ERTMS overall architecture

27 27 Bologna - Firenze Italian Project: ERTMS overall architecture

28 28 TGV Est Européenne ERTMS/ETCS lev. 1 and lev. 2 (plus TVM and electronic IXLs ) 300 km from Vaires (Paris) to Baudrecourt (Metz) due to open in 2007 Operating speed 320 km/h

29 29 ETCS Level 1 – PROJECT Spanish High Speed Lines ASNV is providing for this line both Level 1 and Level 2, with ASFA as a fall back system Project NameMadrid – Lerida LocationSpain Name of the CustomerGIF Date to be in Commercial ServiceN/A Date Trials due to/have finishedSept 2004 Conformant with SpecificationUNISIG Line Performance – Capacity11 trains per hour per direction Line Performance – Speed300 km/h Mixed Traffic LineYes Number of Complex junctions13

30 30 MADRID - LERIDA line equipped with ERTMS project description and development GUADALAJARA ZARAGOZA GOMARA CALATAYUD SORIA LLEIDA MADRID SUR MADRID EL SEGRE BUJARALOZ ZA - Aeropuerto PLASENCIA de JALON ARIZA MEDINACELI LAS INVERNAS PUIGVERD DE LLEIDA Soria - Calatayud: 90 Km 440 Km, 13 stations, 1100 track circuits

31 31 ETCS – Lev.1 References BDŽ (Bulgaria) Sofia – Burgas Supplier of Alcatel Austria for : BTM and Antennas (184) Eurobalises (1.078)

32 32 ETCS – Lev.1 References MÁV (Hungary) Budapest-Kelenföld-Kimle Supplier of Alcatel Austria for: BTM and Antennas (20) Eurobalises (1.800)

33 33 ETCS – Lev.1 References GIF (Spain) Madrid – Puigvert de Lleida (Lev.1&2) Supplier (for the Lev.1 system) of: BTM and Antennas (32) LEU (347) Eurobalises (3.500)

34 34 ETCS – Lev.1 References SNCB (Belgium) Design and development of specific LEU for the national application.

35 35 ETCS – Lev.1 References RFI (Italy) SCMT Design, configuration, supply and installation of the complete wayside and on-board system EVC (> 1.100) BTM and Antennas (> 2.200) LEU Cabinets (700) and LEU modules Eurobalises (> )

36 36 ETCS – Lev.1 References RFI (Italy) High Speed Lines Design, configuration, supply and installation of the complete signalling system based on ERTMS/ETCS – Lev.2. RBC (5) LEU (for interconnections) (320) Eurobalises (2.500)

37 37 Equipment for ERTMS Encotrak-LEU Unicab –On board Equip. Balise Transmission Module

38 38 RBC RBC Platform ISDN-GSMR Non vital section: ART1 ed ART2 Vital Functional Keyboard Non vital Functional Keyboard Operator Interface Diagnostic & Maintenance Interface with others RBC & NVP CC Interface Vital section: TMR

39 39 RBC Architecture CC1 and CC2 (ISDN-GSMR) Interface to trains G703/G704 Interface to other RBC, NVP Fast LAN (TCP/IP)

40 40 ETCS On-Board EUROCAB On-board Computer Cab Display /01 CSEE Transport

41 41 LEU cabinets

42 42 LEU module

43 43 Eurobalise

44 44 Eurobalise installation

45 45 Eurobalise programmer and tester

46 46 Thank for your attention

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