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Culture Bowl 4 Click to continue Roberta Pennasilico, Naples High School.

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2 Culture Bowl 4 Click to continue Roberta Pennasilico, Naples High School

3 500 400 300 200 100 Miscella- neous Current Events Language History & Geography Art & literature

4 Categories Whats the name of the most famous bridge in Florence? Art & Literature 100 Point Question

5 Categories Art & literature 100 Point Answer Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)

6 Categories Art & Literature 200 Point Question Who sculptured the statue David in Florence?

7 Categories Michelangelo Art & Literature 200 Point Answer

8 Categories Art & Literature 300 Point Question This Italian poet won the Nobel prize for literature.

9 Categories Art & Literature 300 Point Answer Eugenio Montale

10 Categories Name the castle in Naples that overlooks the port and was built by French kings Art & Literature 400 Point Question

11 Categories Il Maschio Angioino OR Castel Nuovo Art & Literature 400 Point Answer

12 Categories Whats the name of the amphitheater in Verona? Art & Literature 500 Point Question

13 Categories LArena Art & Literature 500 Point Answer

14 Categories What city are the Fiat cars made in? History & Geography 100 Point Question

15 Categories History & Geography 100 Point Answer Turin

16 Categories History & Geography 200 Point Question Whats the capital of fashion and banking in Italy?

17 Categories Milan History & Geography 200 Point Answer

18 Categories History & Geography 300 Point Question What two cities were destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius?

19 Categories History & Geography 300 Point Answer Pompeii and Ercolaneum

20 Categories What is the name of the tribe that lived in Central Italy before 800 b.C.? History & Geography 400 Point Points

21 Categories The Etruscans History & Geography 400 Point Answer

22 Categories Who was the most famous of the Medici family – poet and wise ruler of the city of Florence? History & Geography 500 Point Question

23 Categories Lorenzo the Magnificent History & Geography 500 Point Answer

24 Categories How do you say: Where are you from?? Language 100 Point Question

25 Categories Language 100 Point Answer Di dove sei?

26 Categories Language 200 Point Question The Latin term a.m. is commonly used in English. What does it mean?

27 Categories Ante meridiem (before noon) Language 200 Point Answer

28 Categories Language 300 Point Question How do you say: I went to the movies last night.?

29 Categories Theme 3 Response 300 Points Sono andato/a al cinema ieri.

30 Categories What is another English word for deep, of Latin root? Language 400 Point Question

31 Categories Profound = Profondo Language 400 Point Answer

32 Categories Scenario, villa, opera, bravo, spaghetti, pizza are all borrowings. What are they? Language 500 Point Question

33 Categories Italian words that are used in English without any change in the spelling. Language 500 Point Answer

34 Categories Jovanotti, Ligabue, Zucchero. Who are they? Current Events 100 Point Question

35 Categories Current Events 100 Point Answer Italian pop singers.

36 Categories Current Events 200 Point Question Whats the name of the Italian national TV networks?

37 Categories RAI (uno, due, tre) Current Events 200 Point Answer

38 Categories Current Events 300 Point Question What are CGL, CISL, UIL?

39 Categories Current Events 300 Point Answer The major Trade Unions in Italy

40 Categories This man is still considered the most loved President of the Republic in Italian history. He was in charge from 1978 to 1985. What is his name? Current Events 400 Point Question

41 Categories Sandro Pertini Current Events 400 Point Answer

42 Categories Where did a terrible terrorist attack take place in Italy on August 2, 1982? Current Events 500 Point Question

43 Categories In Bologna, at the railway station Current Events 500 Point Answer

44 Categories What is the minimum age to drive in Italy? Miscellanous 100 Point Question

45 Categories Miscellaneous 100 Point Answer 18

46 Categories Miscellaneous 200 Point Question Whats the most popular sport in Italy?

47 Categories Soccer Miscellaneous 200 Point Answer

48 Categories Miscellaneous 300 Point Question Whos the famous Roman actor who played in movies such as Il vigile and I vitelloni and died in 2003?

49 Categories Miscellaneous 300 Point Answer Alberto Sordi

50 Categories This female singer is considered to be the best voice of Italian pop music. She has refused interviews for the past 20 years, and lives in a small town in Switzerland. Miscellaneous 400 Point Question

51 Categories Mina Miscellaneous 400 Point Answer

52 Categories If a derby milanese took place, what soccer teams would play? Miscellaneous 500 Point Question

53 Categories Inter and Milan Miscellaneous 500 Point Answer

54 Categories Good Job!

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