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Amy Jo Southworth Color 2/10/2016. Color 2/10/2016.

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1 Amy Jo Southworth Color 2/10/2016

2 Color

3 2/10/2016

4 Here is white on yellow Ick Here’s brown White again Jiggity jig

5 2/10/2016 Here is red on brown Here is yellow, just for fun

6 2/10/2016


8 Here is red Is it looking fuzzy? Is it wobbly? Is it nauseating? How long could you stand watching this presentation? Has stereopsis set in?

9 2/10/2016 On Green Here is some more red Hmmm, Christmas colors Any stereopsis happening here? Colorblind folks may also have trouble

10 2/10/2016 color Light on dark background in large rooms & with projectors Dark on light background for overhead transparencies or small rooms/web pages 4 or fewer colors

11 2/10/2016


13 color happy courageous successful romantic imaginative fantasy growth abundance vitality luck enthusiastic playful optimistic tranquil intuitive trustworthy professional outrageous imaginative innovative

14 2/10/2016 color refreshing cool imaginative energy determination passion stability earthy reliable rustic motivated active dynamic knowledge power integrity creativity illumination wisdom

15 2/10/2016 color spiritual passionate visionary peaceful sincere affectionate romantic compassionate faithful assertive passion danger classy formal power death

16 2/10/2016 mixed messages? energy determination passion stability earthy reliable

17 2/10/2016 color therapy Certain parts of brain – Are light sensitive – Respond differently to different wavelengths (color stimulates or reduces, for instance, hormone production) One in 6 research blindfolded participants could identify color with fingertips after training; blind could do so even more Color-tinted glasses may help those with learning disabilities, particularly dyslexia

18 2/10/2016 color therapy

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