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Color Amy Jo Southworth 4/27/2017 Chose old PP template…

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1 Color Amy Jo Southworth 4/27/2017 Chose old PP template…
Design preferences come and go… 4/27/2017

2 Color 4/27/2017

3 different enough, not yellow on white or brown on red
Contrast different enough, not yellow on white or brown on red Luminance/brightness not bright blue and bright yellow (bright yellow on dark blue instead) 4/27/2017

4 Here is white on yellow Ick Here’s brown White again Jiggity jig

5 Here is red on brown Here is yellow, just for fun 4/27/2017

6 Need slight tweaking 4/27/2017
Complementary colors: opposite on color wheel Need slight tweaking OWL Purdue has good presentation 4/27/2017

7 Avoid certain color combinations like red letters on blue background (causes "stereopsis")
“Colorblind” combinations Red/green Blue/green 4/27/2017

8 Here is red Is it looking fuzzy? Is it wobbly? Is it nauseating?
How long could you stand watching this presentation? Has stereopsis set in? 4/27/2017

9 On Green Here is some more red Hmmm, Christmas colors
Any stereopsis happening here? Colorblind folks may also have trouble 4/27/2017

10 color Light on dark background in large rooms & with projectors
Dark on light background for overhead transparencies or small rooms/web pages 4 or fewer colors 4/27/2017

11 4/27/2017 Just like font Psychological effects/Emotional connection
Red = anger or debt? Danger… Warm colors (orange, red, yellow) can excite/stimulate Culturally grounded 4/27/2017

12 Blue = calm, cold, relaxed
Pastels/ light colors… Have students observe color, notice where and how color is used… create what-ifs and alter…

13 color happy courageous successful romantic imaginative fantasy
growth abundance vitality luck enthusiastic playful optimistic tranquil intuitive trustworthy professional outrageous imaginative innovative Culturally specific and dependent on audience General list 4/27/2017

14 color refreshing cool imaginative energy determination passion
stability earthy reliable rustic motivated active dynamic knowledge power integrity creativity illumination wisdom 4/27/2017

15 color spiritual passionate visionary peaceful sincere affectionate
romantic compassionate faithful assertive passion danger classy formal power death 4/27/2017

16 mixed messages? energy determination passion stability earthy reliable

17 color therapy Certain parts of brain
Are light sensitive Respond differently to different wavelengths (color stimulates or reduces, for instance, hormone production) One in 6 research blindfolded participants could identify color with fingertips after training; blind could do so even more Color-tinted glasses may help those with learning disabilities, particularly dyslexia 4/27/2017

18 color therapy Yellow, highly stimulating, thought to be associated with violence and crime Penal institutions now using color Avoiding yellow, thought to stimulate Using pink, thought to sap energy & have a tranquilizing & calming effect, for holding cells Avoiding red (used in athletics), found to Increase strength by 13.5 percent Elicit 5.8 percent more electrical activity in arm muscles Penal institution unintentionally painted four wings four different colors Inmates in red and yellow wings more prone to violence than those in blue and green wings 4/27/2017

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