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Walnut High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

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1 Walnut High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

2 The IB Diploma Program is a comprehensive and rigorous pre-university course of study for the highly motivated secondary student. It was designed to develop the individual talents of young people molding them into truly well- rounded, well-educated individuals who are aware that they are members of a complex, global society.

3 Key findings from research on the impact of IB programmes in the Americas A study, including IB Diploma candidates who graduated from US high schools in 2008 indicated that IB students were much less likely to drop out of college and had much higher graduation rates than the national average. 98% of IB Diploma graduates continued on to their second year of college and had overall four-year graduation rates of 79% compared to the national average of 39%.

4 Bergeron, L. 2015. Diploma Programme students’ enrollment and outcomes at US postsecondary institutions 2008–2014. Bethesda, MD, USA. International Baccalaureate Organization.

5 Comparing the IB Diploma Program to the Advanced Placement Program Each year the International Baccalaureate releases the University Admissions Officers Report. This report is based on research carried out by ACS International Schools, in partnership with the IB and the IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA). The 2015 report shows the following results when admissions officers from universities across the United States were asked to compare and rate how well the IB Diploma Program prepared the students for university in the desirable qualities listed on the next slide to the Advanced Placement Program.

6 Comparing the IB Diploma and Advanced Placement Programs The data indicate the percentages of the universities who reported that the exam system prepared students “extremely well”: United States The IBDP Advanced Placement % Encouraging independent inquiry9589 Developing self management skills9589 Nurturing an open mind89 Nurturing communication skills8489 Developing global awareness and connectivity 7958 Developing ability to cope with pressure7468 Encouraging creativity6872 Encouraging citizenship6358 Developing business skills3726 Total % score684638

7 Full reports and additional research and data is available at

8 International Baccalaureate Exam Results 2015 Statistics: Full Diploma Candidates (Sr.) 73 Full Diploma Recipients 67 Anticipated Diploma Candidates (Jr.) 62 Total Number of Exams Taken by IB Diploma Program students413

9 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

10 Requirements of the IB Program for obtaining the IB Diploma: Over the course of 2 years students will complete: 6 Exams – subject to registration & exam costs Extended Essay that requires a staff advisor CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) that requires a staff advisor

11 WHS Pre-IB Application Process Must Meet 2 Criteria: Have a 3.00 GPA in Core Academic Courses at the 8 th grade level. Have completed Algebra I by the end of 8 th grade. Complete & submit application & a copy of 1 st semester report card by February 9.

12 Pre-IB Ninth Grade Schedule Option 1 SUMMER SCHOOL Prior to or After 9 th Grade 1 Core Academic Course Biology H or World History H 9 th GRADE Biology H or World History H MathEnglish H World Language PEElective

13 Pre-IB Ninth Grade Schedule Option 2 9 th GRADE Biology H Math English H World Language World History H PE NO ELECTIVE

14 Advantages of completing an IB Diploma Program Universities see the IB Diploma program as the most rigorous program available to students. Potential Savings in College Tuition: By earning the full IB diploma with a score of 30 or above can earn students credit for all SL & HL exams passed. University of California System – awards 30 quarter units - ~$13,500 (Tuition - ~$13,400/year) Chapman University – awards minimum of 21 semester units - ~$40,750 (Tuition - ~$46, 500/year) University of La Verne – awards up to 32 semester units - ~$38,500 (tuition - ~$38,500/year) USC – awards 20 semester units of elective credit - ~$28,000 (Tuition - ~$49,450/year)

15 Advantages of completing an IB Diploma Program Credit earned by IB Exam Scores – Approximate Savings based on courses excepted and scores received: Baylor - ~$27,000 (Tuition - ~$36,000/year) University of San Diego - ~$25,000 (Tuition ~$44,000/year) Stanford University - ~$20,000 (Tuition ~$33,000/year) University of Oregon - ~$25,000 (Tuition ~$20,000/year) Notre Dame - ~$24,000 (Tuition – ~$48,000/year) Advanced Standing – allows you to graduate in 3 years Harvard University – Full IB Diploma & receive a 7 on 3 higher level exams. - ~$45,000 (Tuition ~$45,000)

16 Summer School Registration Information June 6 – July 14 Summer School is highly recommended but not required. More information on summer School can be found on the Walnut High School website under the Courtesy Link to the Dedicated 2 Learning Website by mid- February. Registration will begin the approximately first week of

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