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Aboriginal History Australia’s indigenous people. 先住民.

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1 Aboriginal History Australia’s indigenous people. 先住民

2 Australia’s indigenous people What is your image of Australian Aborigines? What do you know about them? What has been their experience since colonization? What is their situation like today?

3 Japan’s indigenous people Who are Japan’s indigenous people? Where do they live now? Historically? What do you know about them? What is your image of them?? What is their situation like today?

4 Where do Aborigines come from? The scientists:

5 Where do Aborigines come from? The Aboriginal Dreaming stories.

6 The Dreaming The Dreaming has a very deep meaning for Aboriginal people, but it’s not that easy to explain Watch these videos about the Dreaming. What do you think the important ideas of the Dreaming are?

7 Dreaming stories My culture is my identity. Dreamtime stories tell the life of my people. Growing older. Hearing stories of my ancestors living off the land Becoming one with the creatures Even though I haven't met them I feel this unbreakable connection Through the stories I have heard. The stories that have been passed down through generations. These stories are living through us. Without our culture we have no identity And without our identity We have nothing. poems/

8 Beliefs The Dreaming is the core belief of Aboriginal people. It is the past and creation it is the connection that Australian Aborigines have to the land. Their relationship to the land and everything in it is the basis of their spiritual life and shapes the Aboriginal culture. Land is fundamental to the well-being of all Aboriginal people.

9 Beliefs Stories of the ‘Dreaming' explain how the land including mountains and rivers, birds and animals were created. All things that were created in the Dreaming, have spirits and the spirits of the ancestors are passed to their descendants e.g. shark, kangaroo, honey ant, snake and so on. “What we draw on from our memories, and think, imagine and create in our daily lives is our dreaming.”

10 Contact with Europeans 48 William Macleod Aust., 1850-1929 The Landing Of Captain Cook At Botany Bay [Kurnell], 1899.

11 Contact with Europeans The British discovered Australia in 1770. In 1788 they sent a fleet of ships to settle Australia Based on what you know about the Dreaming, and your own knowledge, what problems do you think Aboriginal people would have had when Europeans arrived.

12 Conflict What is happening in the picture? What do you think might have caused it to happen?

13 Charles Darwin

14 Problems faced by Aborigines Land taken over & pushed out Identity tied to land – loss of sacred space is loss of identity. Fighting over foods - land Disease Alcohol Rape of women 100 years 300,000  60,000

15 Policies have changed over time

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