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Magnificent Mammals Unit Presentation Anne Donadio.

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2 Magnificent Mammals Unit Presentation Anne Donadio

3 Unit Summary In this unit, students will learn about what makes mammals magnificent as well as the various characteristics of certain mammal habitats. Students will research mammals by using technology, books, community resources and visiting a zoo. Students will demonstrate an understanding of mammals by creating habitat dioromas and written reports. Students will use science journals to record findings and information and present findings through a powerpoint presentation.

4 Introduction to Mammals Video

5 Curriculum Framing Questions Essential Question: How can I understand the living world around me? Unit Question: What are the habitats of various mammals? Content Questions: What are mammals? What are the physical characteristics of mammals?

6 Mammal Habitat Diorama Project This project will help my students develop 21 st century skills through: Investigation Illustration Using technology as a tool for research Summarization Communication and collaboration with peers and community members Creative creation of a mammal diaroma, written report and powerpoint presentation from what they have learned Reflection on their learning through journaling Using project assessments to self-assess their work and give feedback to their peers


8 Introduction The North Carolina Zoo is looking for new types of animals to put in a new exhibit. After learning about what makes mammals special, each person in your group will research a mammal of their choice. You will use the facts about different animals to combine them and create a new mammal as a group and then explain why the zoo should include your animal in their new exhibit. Step 1 Open up to the internet: Type in the website: Answer the question below: Write the 4 Characteristics of Mammals. (They are Highlighted at top of each page, click Mammals Page 2, 3, and 4 at bottom of each page.)

9 Step 2 Type in the website: html html Pick an animal that you are interested in from the highlighted names. Click the name of your animal. Look at the information on the website and answer the following questions:  Describe what your mammal looks like (size, color)  Where does your mammal live?  Would your animal make a good pet?

10 Step 3 Type in the website below: Create a new mammal by switching around animal body parts. Answer the following questions:  What does your new animal look like?  Where will your mammal live?  Would your mammal make a good pet?  Why should the zoo include your animal in their new exhibit?

11 My Goals For The Course By creating this unit, I want to Teach my students higher order thinking skills Experiment with new kinds of technology to motivate my students’ learning Learn new projects to integrate into my teaching from teachers and share my ideas

12 Goals For My Students Use the Essential and Unit Questions to guide their learning Use technology to communicate learning (power point presentation) To become more independent with their learning To represent their learning through projects

13 Gauging Student Needs Assessment Purpose of the Assessment Use curriculum framing questions to gather information about students background knowledge about mammals I will gather information on higher order thinking skills and 21 st century skills through students’ answers to the CFQ’s and plan my instruction accordingly To provide appropriate resources to enhance student’s learning needs and my instruction

14 Request For Feedback Ideas for helping younger students take more responsibility for their learning Ideas for assessing student’s higher order thinking skills

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