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Wills International Welcome to the world of innovation.

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1 Wills International Welcome to the world of innovation

2 We are leading innovative street furniture manufacturers, working with national companies and local governments on their landscape architecture and urban design We provide chic street furniture for airports, public city streets, universities & colleges, parks & playgrounds, private courtyards & plazas. ABOUT US


4 PRODUCTS Food Stalls

5 PRODUCTS Bollards

6 PRODUCTS Public Toilets

7 PRODUCTS Public Bike Racks and Shelters

8 PRODUCTS Map Stands and Directory Signs

9 PRODUCTS Newspaper Stands and Newspaper Boxes

10 PRODUCTS Sign Products

11 PRODUCTS Outdoor Commercial Benches and Other Seating

12 PRODUCTS Outdoor Trash Receptacles

13 THE TECHNOLOGY The WILLS INTERNATIONAL difference is our commitment to our clients. Our project management software system is fully accessible to clients so they may obtain real-time status updates of their projects. Our state-of-the-art web-based software with adaptability features, manages every aspect of your job including scheduling, task allocation, document storage, tracking and reporting.

14 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our PM's work closely with our field services specialists on overseeing site investigation, code requirements, design & engineering concepts, approvals, permits, manufacturing, logistics and final delivery & installation. Throughout this process we match our management team to suite the tasks at hand, this allows us to control all aspects of your project in an efficient, effective manner. Site InvestigationDesign & Engineering Approvals Permits Manufacturing Logistics Final Delivery & Installation Code Requirements

15 THE DESIGN Clients’ aspirations are the starting point for WI. Based on which WI formulates ideas and concepts that are further refined and developed for client approval. This is fundamental to developing a world class product that is suitable for the intended environment. Our unique design team consists of experienced creative architectural designers and engineers who ensure that the product is both architecturally stimulating while remaining functional and cost effective. Clients’ Aspirations Refined and Developed

16 QUALITY ASSURANCE WILLS INTERNATIONAL corporate objective is to be completely transparent with our customers in providing the highest quality products and customer service at competitive prices. Our consolidated operations facilitate manufacturing of a select core product with the latest computer-driven fabrication techniques. The fabrication operation is streamlined and efficient and the overheads are shared over the national supply of their core products. This ensures the highest quality product at the best price. The products, components and assemblies are shipped to a lite fabrication & pre-assembly facility and later installed on site if required. Throughout production, quality control checks are performed at the manufacturing and assembly facilities to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and standards in the industry.

17 STRUCTURAL SAFETY Structural safety of the design is of paramount importance and all designs and materials are based on the structural stability of our products. We engineer all our products to ensure that they meet or exceed the local requirements for wind and all environmental standards.

18 ENVIRONMENTAL SAFEGUARDS We encourage the use of environment friendly products in the fabrication and maintenance of all our street furniture Our goal is to reduce our energy consumption and solid waste to lower our carbon footprint. We accomplish this by running a green office Whenever possible, we take advantage of our renewable energy sources by incorporating solar panels or wind turbines in our street furniture designs. Our products harness wind and solar energy which can be used to power their own lighting and advertising displays.

19 CONTACT US Contact Person : Mr. Vin Jain Address : 28/30, Dr. Wilson Street, 5 A, Ground Floor Opp. Jain Temple. City : Mumbai-400 004, State : Maharashtra Country : BHARAT (India) Phone : +91-22-2387 5364 Fax : +91-22-2387 3794 Mobile : +91-9820011369 E-mail : Web :

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