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SPC Advisory Committee Training - TAC Fall 2015 Institutional Research President’s Office 1 Abridged from the SPC Advisory Committee Training on October.

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1 SPC Advisory Committee Training - TAC Fall 2015 Institutional Research President’s Office 1 Abridged from the SPC Advisory Committee Training on October 9, 2015

2 Fresno City College The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) coordinates the college’s strategic planning process by:  Establishing college goals and objectives;  Establishing priorities for planning;  Monitoring the progress towards the completion of college goals and objectives;  Establishing ad hoc committees essential to strategic planning implementation. Responsibilities of SPC 10/9/20153

3 Fresno City College  Budget  Distance Education  Enrollment Management (possible change)  Institutional Research and Effectiveness  Facilities  Human Resources  Program Review  Technology  All SPC Advisory Committees will receive direction, training, and guidance from SPC. SPC Advisory Committees 10/9/20155

4 Fresno City College  TAC’s major responsibility is supporting and promoting the college’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.  TAC is also responsible for submitting benchmark reports to the SPC as requested to demonstrate progress in achieving the goals of the college’s strategic plan. Responsibilities of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) 10/9/2015 6

5 Fresno City College  TAC will provide feedback and input regarding new information and data that may impact the current direction of the college.  SPC then recommends to the college president how newly presented information or data will be incorporated into the college’s mission, vision, or strategic plan.  TAC will work with the Accreditation Steering Committee on drafting the Standard IIIC accreditation report. Responsibilities of TAC 10/9/20158

6 Fresno City College  SPC welcomes communication from advisory committees.  SPC also encourages advisory committees to provide regular update on committee work. Communication 10/9/201510

7 Fresno City College Planning Communication Flow Chart 9/14/20159

8 Fresno City College 8

9  FCC 2013-2017 Strategic Plan contains the college mission, vision, core values and goals/objectives for 4 years.  8 goals, 41 objectives.  Advisory committees help SPC implement strategic plan and advance college mission and vision. FCC 2013-2017 Strategic Plan 10/9/201512

10 Fresno City College February Review college mission, goals, objectives, and performance measures Units develop ideas for Action Plans April Units write Action Plan Action plan must align to program review or other planning documents May Unit Action Plan requests due to area manager for technical review who forwards them to Institutional Research (IR) Office June IR reviews action plans for completeness, clarity, relevance of performance measures and forwards Action Plans to appropriate advisory committees for review and support, excluding BAC. August/Sept Advisory committees submit their reviews to IR September Areas/Divisions prioritize their Action Plans Priority recommendations for new faculty requests to Human Resources Committee for initial review October Action Plan priority lists are due to area Vice Presidents Final consideration for faculty requests from Human Resources Committee to SPC Annual Action Planning Cycle 10/9/201518

11 Fresno City College November BAC conducts an initial review of Action Plans. The purpose of this initial review is to ensure the integrity of the process. If BAC members identify any variance in the established process, BAC reports these variances to the President. December Area Vice President’s and President’s lists are combined and prioritized Deadline for unit action plan requests for new classified positions to Human Resources Committee January Action Plan prioritized list is submitted to Vice President of Administrative Services to be reviewed by BAC Final consideration for new classified requests from Human Resources Committee to SPC BAC recommended list is forwarded to SPC for approval as a consent agenda. Action plans are recommended to the President for funding. February College submits action plans (requesting Lottery/Decision Packages funding) to the District Office March Board of Trustees considers those Action Plans that are available for Decision Package funding July Funded action plans begin implementation Once a unit implements an Action Plan, the unit submits a Progress/Completion Report to IR. Annual Action Planning Cycle 10/9/201519

12 Fresno City College Annual Action Planning Cycle 10/9/201520

13 Fresno City College Annual Unit Plan Template=>Annual Program Review 10/9/201515

14 Fresno City College 10/9/201517

15 Fresno City College  2014-15 Objectives – 276 activities submitted  Ongoing objectives – 106 activities submitted  Other goals objectives – 93 activities  TOTAL 475 activities 2014-2015 Progress Report to Strategic Plan 10/9/201521

16 Fresno City College  144 action plans submitted, 137 funded  Requested: $6,627,659  Allocated: $5,332,422 (80%) 2015-16 Action Plans - summary 2210/9/2015

17 Fresno City College  15 new faculty positions requested  Ranked by HR committee in fall 2014  9 positions are funded in 2015-16 2015-16 New Faculty Requests 2310/9/2015

18 Fresno City College  11 new classified positions requested  Ranked by HR committee in spring 2015  14 positions are funded in 2015-16 2015-16 Classified Position Requests 2410/9/2015

19 Fresno City College  156 action plans submitted  Division/department are prioritizing  13 faculty positions requested  HR Committee will rank them this fall 2016-17 Action Plans - summary 2510/9/2015

20 Fresno City College  FCC 2013-2017 Strategic Plan  FCC SPC Handbook (posted online)  FCC Action Plan Handbook (posted online)  Your operating agreement  Update…revised operating agreements based on SPC guidelines Important Reference Documents 10/9/201526

21 Fresno City College  Meeting recorder should be selected to take meeting minutes for all meetings  All meeting documents should be posted and updated on Blackboard site  Post agenda and meeting materials including draft meeting minutes 72 hours prior to the meeting  Review FCC communication plan Meeting documents 10/9/201527

22 Fresno City College  Support team for SPC  Maintains SPC documentation  Supports the annual planning and action plan process  Provides SPC member orientation  Acts as liaison between SPC and advisory committees The Role of Institutional Research Office 10/9/201528

23 Fresno City College  FCC 2015 Student Equity Plan  FCC 2015 SSSP Plan  FCC Distance Education Plan  FCC 2015-2019 Technology Plan  FCC Communication Plan  Update on CCSSE Recommendations from IRE Committee  Updated on Campus Climate Survey Recommendations from IRE Committee  Program Review late policy  Proposed sites for possible 2016 Bond Measure SPC Agenda in Fall 2015 10/9/201529

24 Fresno City College Questions? 10/9/201530

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