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1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy1 Final Review CSE487/587 B.Ramamurthy.

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1 1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy1 Final Review CSE487/587 B.Ramamurthy

2 1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy2 Place and Time Date: 12/13/2011 (Tuesday) Time: 11.45AM - 2.45PM Place: 107 Talbert Please bring Pencils, pens and erasers. This is a closed book exam

3 Topics: focus on Data- intensive Computing Enabling technologies: algorithms, data models, web services, virtualization, power of multi-core, monitoring, load balancing, bandwidth capabilities, … Algorithms and data models: Hadoop and MapReduce Data-intensive approaches : Lin and Dryer’s text Ch.3,4 5 Cloud models: Amazon EC2 associated, Windows Azure and Google App Engine Pig, Hive, Hbase Cloud architecture: Reliability, availability, performance, etc. (numerical evaluation) 1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy3

4 Exam Format 6 questions on the topics mentioned in the last slide Each question will have subsections Cost analysis not included 1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy4

5 How to study? Class notes MR book chapters Your project 1 and project 2: For example, classification as in Project 1 1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy5

6 How to answer the questions? Use a diagram: preferably a standard UML diagram Use a list instead of an essay Do NOT fill up pages with filler words Clearly show the formula/expressions used in your computations and show all the steps not just the final answer Use pseudo code where necessary 1/3/2016B.Ramamurthy6

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