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Martin Schuurmans Chair EIT The EIT – Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness through Innovation Presentation to ITRE 4/24/20141EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs.

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Presentation on theme: "Martin Schuurmans Chair EIT The EIT – Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness through Innovation Presentation to ITRE 4/24/20141EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs."— Presentation transcript:

1 Martin Schuurmans Chair EIT The EIT – Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness through Innovation Presentation to ITRE 4/24/20141EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

2 EIT is recognized as key driver of sustainable European economic growth and competitiveness through the stimulation of world-leading innovation 4/24/20142EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

3 Education Research Technology Business Entrepreneurs VCs Investment Banks 4/24/20143EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs First meeting with stakeholders in Bratislava on November 24: was successful intake of opinions and views has largely confirmed our vision and strategic direction

4 Grow and capitalize on the innovation capacity and capability of the stakeholders (in and outside the Community) through Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) that : Explore new innovative relationships between excellence in education, technology, research, business and entrepreneurship Create new business Educate and develop entrepreneurial people working across stakeholder boundaries Have societal impact 4/24/20144EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

5 1. EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) : first triennial work program July 2009 2. KICs with unique impact : KIC topics, format, selection 3. Sustainable mobilization of additional funding, including EIT Foundation 4/24/20145EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

6 Is a collaborative consortium, a legal entity, of internationally distributed, yet thematically convergent parties consisting of the stakeholders Aims to reach and foster a worldwide lead position in a given field Will deliver a measurable impact on society from an economic, scientific, educational and entrepreneurial perspective Will have a minimum duration of KIC: 7 years 4/24/20146EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

7 Address long-term challenges and identify new opportunities for innovation in Europe Transfer higher education, research and innovation activities to the business context and their commercial application (create spin-offs, start-ups and SMEs) Attract partner organizations and talent from all over the world Develop entrepreneurial people & bring them to business Maximise the share of financial contribution from the private sector 4/24/20147EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

8 50-100 M Euro total spending per year Life 7-15 years Funding: EIT 25% Others 75% (leverage factor 3) European programs European Structural Funds Industry (also in kind) investment Foundation Private investments, VCs Investment banks 4/24/20148EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

9 Sustainable energy Mitigation and adaptation of climate change Future information and communication society Proposals may span 1, 2 or all 3 fields Trans–or interdisciplinary and drawing on existing European programs and projects Number of KICs to be selected 2 or 3 4/24/20149EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

10 Geographically distributed people working in co- location centers (per theme or sub-theme). An example: One (lead) education center One (lead) high tech and entrepreneurs center / campus 4/24/201410EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

11 World class researchers, technologists, educators, business people, entrepreneurs Talented young academics from Europe and abroad, flexible, mobile, and eager to innovate People mobility between industry/business and academia A highly developed team culture/spirit Top management to lead the KICs People management: Incentive schemes that stimulate brain gain Stimulate working/studying together in co-location centers Recognition of people: e.g. EIT label for students and EIT brand 4/24/201411EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

12 Internationally distributed collaborative consortium Active in business, entrepreneurship, technology, research and education Each with a track record in excellence, international cooperation, knowledge dissemination and transition to business (elite center) Which promotes co-location of collaborative people in co-location centers With a legal identity and with a motivating IPR policy With top management, structure and accountability With public and private funding that triples the EIT funding over time; access to resources beyond the EU direct budget (EUR 308 million). 4/24/201412EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

13 Compelling innovative proposal with future potential Addresses broadly recognized topics in Europe Has (new) business and/or societal impact Makes innovation an integral part of education Goes beyond R&T; can include non-technological research Has performance parameters (KPIs), targeted investment returns and drivers identified upfront Has short, medium and long-term milestones Is beginning of continuous self sustaining activities Has broad public outreach 4/24/201413EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

14 Call for proposals of KICs by April 2009, submission August 2009 Based on selection criteria and format KIC, to be finalized in January 2009 Selection of KICs by January 2010 Distinguished team with the best chance for success Recognized as innovative and rational Selection is communicated widely in support of the teams elected and to help them in any way Evaluation and monitoring of KICs starting by August 2010 Recognized as fair, simple and effective Is stable and solely derived from the original selection criteria Rewards good performance and achievements Recognizes and communicates the EIT brand 4/24/201414EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

15 Education and Entrepreneurship will be integral parts of innovation partnerships Financial sustainability is key objective: Mobilisation of private resources Opportunity for cross-fertilization and co-funding with other European and national programs EIT is owned by all of Europe: The GB stresses its independence Long term strategy: 2-3 KIC should provide the learning for the further shape of EIT in 2013-2020 Thanks !! 4/24/201415EIT ITRE 02-12-08 mfhs

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