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Sys Tech Connect Toll Free Number – 800- 832- 1504.

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1 Sys Tech Connect Toll Free Number – 800- 832- 1504

2 A BOUT US A VAST A NTIVIRUS Anti-virus software is a set of programs that are designed and developed to search, detect, identify, prevent, and remove software viruses, as well as other wicked and malicious software like Trojans, worms, adware, and so on. The major and most noticeable benefit of installing the Avast anti- virus on your computer is that it will put off you from getting viruses like Trojans, malware and spyware, etc. Viruses range in severity from the risk-free to the complete system crippling. Not only a virus can obliterate all of the treasured data on your computer, but also it can make your computer entirely rubbish by tainting and destroying your computer's performance.

3 A BOUT US A VAST A NTIVIRUS Avast Antivirus is an award-winning and highly appreciated creation that provides complete security against all sorts of threats; in addition it secures your valuable data, shelters your privacy and ensures that your PC remains virus-free. Having an excellent anti-virus software is like the difference between the life and death of your computer. Aside from just stopping viruses, Avast anti-virus has other qualities like firewalls, that will make sure the well-rounded security and protection of your personal computer.

4 We provide complete assistance for initializing and/or Un-initializing of the antivirus. Our technical team is geared up to assist you round the clock. If for any reason you have uninstalled the antivirus, and now you want it back on your system. Our support team will assist you in reinitializing the antivirus on your system. Whenever you feel like upgrading and/or updating your antivirus, we provide you all information and guide you step by step to get your updating/upgrading done.

5 We offer complete setting for your PC protection. We assist you in setting up your antivirus as per your requirement. In case you suffer any trouble or problem in your Pc; feel free to contact us. We will assist you repair your antivirus software. Besides, all the above services we provide you any types of troubleshooting services that offers you to deal with almost all types of issues and queries concerning your antivirus.

6 A VAST A NTIVIRUS T OLL F REE N UMBER Toll Free Number 800- 832 - 1504


8 CONTACT US Emil ID Website Toll Free Number 1-800-832-1504

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