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1990 bis heute Claus Tieber. domestic BO: 2000: 7,75 Milliarden 2009: 10,6 Mrd. number of tickets: 2002: 1,57 Mrd. 2010: 1,34 Mrd. Claus Tieber.

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Presentation on theme: "1990 bis heute Claus Tieber. domestic BO: 2000: 7,75 Milliarden 2009: 10,6 Mrd. number of tickets: 2002: 1,57 Mrd. 2010: 1,34 Mrd. Claus Tieber."— Presentation transcript:

1 1990 bis heute Claus Tieber

2 domestic BO: 2000: 7,75 Milliarden 2009: 10,6 Mrd. number of tickets: 2002: 1,57 Mrd. 2010: 1,34 Mrd. Claus Tieber

3 Warner Disney Sony Paramount Fox Universal Claus Tieber

4 1993: Viacom merged with Paramount 1995: Seagram kauft MCA/Universal 1995: Disney kauft Capital Cities/ABC 1995: Time Warner und Turner Broadcasting System 2000: Vivendi kauft MCA Claus Tieber

5 Tentpoles: Media events Promotional tie-ins easy sells in world markets ability to spin off sequels to create a franchise Claus Tieber

6 Outside investors Reduced studio overheads Tougher deals with talent agents New breed of studio agents, execs who built their reputation outside of Hollywood Dying DVD business Fragmentation of the audience Unknown impact of the internet and social media Claus Tieber

7 Fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter) Action Comics (Batman, Spiderman etc.) Theme Park Rides (Pirates of the Caribbean) Märchen (Shrek) Spielzeug (Transformers) Cartoon shows Video games Original stories (Pixar) Claus Tieber

8 DC und Marvel DC gehört zu WB (Superman, Batman etc) Marvel gehört heute zu Disney (Spider-Man, X- Men, Iron Man etc.) 70er Jahre: vier Superman Filme Erster Batman-Film 1989 Marvel: Erfolg von X-Men und Spider-Man Marvel Studios Vertrieben von Paramount Claus Tieber

9 Family Films: Especially well on the home video market G-rated films Claus Tieber

10 Dreamworks 1994 von Spielberg, Katzenberg und David Geffen gegründet 2000 Dreamworks Animation (Shrek 2001) Fox Animation Blue Sky (Ice Age 2002) Disney Pixar Claus Tieber

11 digital 3D Digitalisierung als Voraussetzung Single-projector Claus Tieber

12 2009: 16.000 screens worldwide 3D tauglich Avatar 2011: 3 Sommer Hits: Transformers, Pirates, Harry Potter 3D 2013: 7 von 10 top ten BO Claus Tieber

13 First dollar gross A share of the profits after their picture broke even 2006: Firing of Tom Cruise in August Ending Paramount's 14 year relationship with Cruise Paradigm shift in the industry Claus Tieber

14 Films are no longer mere movies but brands Harry Potter Warner purchased the studio Soundtrack Atlantic records Cover story EW Advance review Time AOL promotion Claus Tieber

15 Katzenberg kündigt bei Disney und gründet mit Spielberg und Geffen Dreamworks 2006: Disney kauft Pixar 2009 Disney kauft Marvel Disney (family) Pixar (animation) Marvel (superheroes) Disney closed down both Touchstone and Miramax Claus Tieber

16 Spider Man 1999 Laura Ziskin, producer Sony Pictures Classics: foreign and upscale art films Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Sony made the picture available to owners of Sony Bravia TVs ad Blue Ray players with internet capability on demand for a 25$ fee before the DVD window Claus Tieber

17 1993: Viacom kauft Paramount Sherry Lansing first woman to run a major studio Co-produce Titanic with Fox 2005 Brad Grey CEO (Producer of Sopranos 1999-2007) Exclusive distribution deal with Marvel Studios 2008 kauft Dreamworks SKG Claus Tieber

18 Fox 2000 Fox Family Films Fox Searchlight Pictures Fox 2000 led by Laura Ziskin: films for young women Titanic 1,8 Mrd. worldwide Avatar outside investors – Paramount Pictures X-Men Star Wars Ice Age Claus Tieber

19 Seagram kauft Polygram Polygram Film Entertainment, independent, incl. Working Title Films Imagine Entertainment (Howard and Brian Grazer seit 1986) Focus Feature Animation: Illumination (Despicable Me) Claus Tieber

20 Jährlich kommen ca. 500 Filme in den USA ins Kino Ca. 100 von den Majors Top grossers 80% domestic BO BO grosses: total sales Distribution gross First dollar gross deal Claus Tieber

21 Distribution then and now presents high barriers to entry Worldwide sales force & capital to finance a slate of twenty and more pictures a year Mass production of motion pictures ceased Organize production units to tailor-make individual motion pictures; Hired and let go Claus Tieber

22 Studios as bankers supplying financing As landlords renting studio space As distributor Marketing their blockbusters individually Claus Tieber

23 Regal Entertainment Group AMC Entertainment Cinemark Theaters Carmike Theaters National Amusements Claus Tieber

24 Opening day template Opening weekend Create a unique brand Claus Tieber

25 Theatrical run largest single revenue source Return to the exhibition business by majors 2000er Jahre: New mexaplexes free-standing concession sales 20% of theaters revenue on average, but half of its profits theater advertising (Werbung im kino) Claus Tieber

26 3 age groups: 24 und drunter 25-39 40 plus 24 and under: teenagers 12-17 young adults 18-24, Generation Y, Millenials, Echo Boomers: third of the population, but nearly half of tickets Claus Tieber

27 Saturation booking Harry Potter 2001: 8.200 screens in 3.672 theaters 90 Mill. First WE Spider-Man 2002 7.500 screens, 115 Mill, Avatar 2009 3452 theaters (2.023 in 3D) 73 Mill first WE (2H41Min!) Claus Tieber

28 holiday season: thanksgiving-christmas Summer: memorial day WE, 4 th July 40-50 % of the annual take release blockbusters simultanuasly worldwide (or nearly so) LOTR: Return of the King: 28 Länder in 5 Tagen Claus Tieber

29 Marketing budget is the single largest item outside the actual production cost, and nearly all the money (80%) is spend on the theatrical opening TV ads: network, cable, spot, syndicated, Spanish language Newspapers Internet Outdoor Radio Magazines Claus Tieber

30 Prime-time 30sec. spot on one of the four American networks: ca. 100.000 $ Thursday night: bis zu 200.000 $ Super Bowl: 3 Mill. $ Claus Tieber

31 ShoWest in Las Vegas in March ShoEast in Orlando in the autumn Comic Con International July San Diego Premieres Toronto Film Festival Claus Tieber

32 The Blair Witch Project (1999) Lauched on April Fool's Day 1999 Site treated The BW Project as real event 27 theaters – 1000 theaters – 2000 140 Mill. US und 250 Mill Worldwide one of the most profitable films in history Claus Tieber

33 Fan Sites: Ain't It Cool News Dark Horizons Reports on test-screenings The Potter Wars LOTR social networks as FB and Twitter Claus Tieber

34 1989: revenue from the sale and rental of videocassettes more than double the domestic BO 1997: DVD, a seller's market 2006: 24 Mrd. aus dem DVD Verkauf, danach Rückgang Videotheken werden geschlossen Netflix, Redbox Blockbuster geht 2010 in Konkurs 2008: Blue Ray Claus Tieber

35 Pay TV: HBO Showtime Free TV Packages 25 Titel und mehr Netflix 2007: online streamings Redbox PPV/VOD Claus Tieber

36 Made by outside producers Avant-garde, museums, festivals Self-financed films Character and script driven works Claus Tieber

37 1977: startet Filmproduktion 1984: Nightmare on Elm Street Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fine Line 1990 Gus Van Sant Jim Jarmusch Robert Altman Claus Tieber

38 1979: founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein 1989: My Left Foot, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Cinema Paradiso The Crying Game Dimension pictures (Horror) Claus Tieber

39 Sony Pictures Classic Disney and Miramax Fox Searchlight Paramount Vantage Focus Feature Warner Independent Films Claus Tieber

40 ca. 1000 Festivals in Nordamerika Retailers: zeigen Filme, die auf anderen Festivals erfolgreich waren Sundance Toronto Tribeca Film Festival South by Southwest Claus Tieber

41 Lions Gate Summit Entertainment Relativity Media Claus Tieber

42 Safety in production Reducing overheads Declining DVD sales PPV/VOD Speciality units closed or sold Mini-majors: Lions Gate: Hunger Games, Twilight Claus Tieber

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