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St. Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy Parent Workshop Assessment November 2015 Mrs Mantilas.

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1 St. Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy Parent Workshop Assessment November 2015 Mrs Mantilas

2 Purpose of workshop Help parents understand the new assessment system. Share the key curriculum changes in English and maths

3 Assessment National curriculum levels removed from September 2014. Schools given the freedom to introduce their own approaches to formative assessment. Statutory national curriculum tests at key stages 1 and 2 will continue. The first tests based on the new curriculum will take place in summer 2016.

4 Tests/tasks EYs Baseline (beginning and end of year) (Early Years Excellence) Year 1 Phonics Screener (week beg 13 June) Year 2 SATs - Teacher Assessments in Maths, Reading, Writing (May) Year 6 SATs Reading, Maths, EPAG, externally marked, writing teacher assessed (week beginning May 9 th )

5 Age-Related Standards

6 Why assess? Knowing how each pupil is performing allows teachers to help individuals improve. Assessment plays a key role in helping schools to improve outcomes. This in turn promotes improvement at class level, then at school level. (formative, summative)

7 The New National Curriculum “The new national curriculum really does focus on fewer things in greater depth…. It emphasises key concepts, key ideas and is full of skills. It includes wide reading, practical work in science and application of maths.” Tim Oates Group Director of Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment

8 Opening the door to deeper understanding “ Assessment should focus on whether children have understood these key concepts rather than achieved a particular level.” “ Every child needs to be capable of doing anything dependent on the effort they put in and how it’s presented to them. Levels get in the way of this.” Tim Oates hts/national-curriculum-tim-oates-on- assessment-insights/

9 New National Curriculum Programmes Of Study English Spoken Language Reading- word reading, comprehension Writing- transcription (spelling), handwriting, composition, vocabulary, punctuation & grammar

10 English Curriculum 2014 Main changes At all levels, there is emphasis on punctuation, spelling and grammar, as well as vocabulary development. There is a focus on reading for pleasure with all children encouraged to ‘read widely across both fiction and non-fiction. This includes reading at home’. Spoken language is a focus in the English curriculum, with the inclusion of ‘talk for writing’, reciting poetry, debates etc.

11 New National Curriculum Programmes Of Study Maths Number- Place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division Fractions Measurement Geometry Statistics Ratio & Proportion (Y6) Algebra (Y6)

12 Mathematics Curriculum There is a focus on FLUENCY in: Number bonds Times Tables Doubling Halving Counting in different steps Strategies for:

13 The new assessment system The new system is totally personalised to each child where every single skill within each subject is taken into account when assessing – therefore empowering teachers, pupils and parents. (objectives on website)..\Assessments\English..\Assessments\Maths

14 Age Related Standards For each year group there will be objectives children will need to achieve. Emerging - Yet to be secure in the end of year expectations (less than 60%). Expected - Secure in the majority (60-80%) of the end of year expectations. Exceeding - Secure in almost all or all the end of year expectations (over 80%) and is able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently. By the end of the year the expectation will be that the majority of pupils will have achieved ‘exceeding’.

15 Thank you for attending the workshop today. We hope you found it useful.

16 EMERGING Evidence of some aspects of the criteria up to 59% EXPECTED Age expected, secure in more than half of the criteria 60%-79% EXCEEDING Secure in all or almost all of the criteria 80%-100%

17 Pupil Tracker

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