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Workflow for ACT! and QuickBooks Graeme Leo Xact Software.

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1 Workflow for ACT! and QuickBooks Graeme Leo Xact Software

2 Where is your customer data and why does it matter? A typical small business will store data in; Outlook, accounting products, MS Excel, paper and sales people’s heads! None of the above enable you to track, analyse or share customer information to effectively manage a sales or marketing process Whether it is called Contact Management or CRM it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you reach your customers and prospects. The CRM objective: “to bring together customer and prospect data from across the company and translate it into meaningful intelligence which can be acted upon to develop and maintain profitable customer relationships and build new business.”

3 You Need CRM as much as you Need Accounting Customer facing people are involved in marketing, sales, and customer service (ACT!) Accounting people are involved in transactional tasks; invoicing, accounts receivable, management of cashflow (QuickBooks) CRM information is; Non-financial, Interactional, Qualitative Accounting information is; Financial, Transactional and Quantitative

4 Integration: QuickBooks and ACT! are Databases that Need each other! What is Front Office and what is Back Office? Front Office Needs to talk to Back Office for effective business process across the organisation. Efficient Workflow between Accounting and CRM results in: Customer Visibility Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness in dealing with customers Large reductions in data entry and double handling of data. Data accuracy and efficient data updating across the business

5 Features of Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Import QB customers into ACT! Export ACT! Contacts to QB Link any ACT! Contact to existing QB customer record Update a QB customer record from within ACT! View Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices from within ACT! Create Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices from ACT! Create Sales Receipts from ACT! New April 2010 Customised Templates to print out, create PDF files or Email customers sales records from within ACT! Use Auto Link Wizard to establish connection between existing ACT! And QB customers Integrate Direct with ACT! Opportunities Control link user profiles for accounting security

6 Compatibility with QuickBooks version Works with…. QuickBooks 2004 QuickBooks 2005/2006 QuickBooks 2008/2009 QuickBooks 2009/2010 ACT! 2007 (9.0) ~ ACT! 2010 (12.0)

7 Demonstration Agenda A brief demonstration of ACT! and the sales process A brief demonstration of the Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks Questions

8 In Summary Without integration of CRM and Accounting there are ‘business and workflow blindspots’. Front to Back office Integration harnesses business process and applications to better manage the customer relationship The Result Reduced Overheads Increased Profitability Competative Advantage through better customer service

9 Xact Software wants to involve QuickBooks Partners We can supply QuickBooks partners at reseller margins for both ACT! and Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks We can assist you to deliver ACT! and QuickBooks integration to your customers business We can train your customers in the business process of ACT! and linking to QuickBooks. Allows you to extend your services to your customers. You have an advantage; your customers are most likely to turn to you for advice on CRM as the trusted business professional

10 Contacting Xact Software Phone 09 3776516

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