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Active Reading Strategies

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1 Active Reading Strategies

2 Reading Strategies 1) Preview 2) Set a Purpose 3) Connect
4) Use Prior Knowledge 5) Predict 6) Visualize 7) Monitor 8) Making Inferences

3 Preview Look at the story before you begin reading Scan the title
- Skim the first paragraph to see what the text is about

4 Set a Purpose Ask yourself this: Why are you reading the text? learn, to be entertained, or another reason? How does the purpose affect your reading?

5 Connect - Try to personally involve yourself in the text
- Think about the characters, situations, emotions in the text. Do they remind you of people, things, or experiences from your own life? - Put yourself in the character's shoes

6 Use Prior Knowledge - Think about what you already know about a topic
- Write down some facts before you read - Use the information you know to help understand and analyze what your reading

7 Predict - Try to guess what will happen in the story
What is the story about? What will happen next? - Play detective...take note of details that seem to hint at where the story is going

8 Visualize - Try to picture what is being described
- Pay attention to character/setting descriptions - Use details to help shape understanding

9 Monitor - Check for understanding as you read
- Question what is happening and why - Reread for clarification - Evaluate your reading

10 Make Inferences - Make guesses (draw conclusions) based on details from the text - Draw from your own experiences

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