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SEO Releases 101 Image ©

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1 SEO Releases 101 Image ©

2 SEO Releases 101 -What is an SEO Release? -The changing rules of press releases - Identifying the right keywords - How to write your own SEO release

3 What is an SEO Release?


5 ATTA Webinar: SEO Releases 101 Benefits Beyond Immediate Rank…

6 ATTA: SEO Releases 101 The Old Rules of Press Releases - Nobody saw the actual press release except a handful of reporters - Something huge had to happen before you wrote a release - The release had to be full of expert quotes - The only way clients would see the release is if the media wrote about it - The only way to measure the effectiveness of press releases was through portfolios of clippings and hearsay from clients

7 ATTA: SEO Releases 101 The New Rules... Don’t just send press releases when big events happen; search for reasons to send them all the time. Write press releases that appeal directly to your clients not just a handful of journalists. Write your releases with keyword rich copy Create links in releases to deliver potential customers to your web site. Optimize your press release for searching and browsing. Drive people into the sales process with press releases, give special codes or promotions

8 But Why Bother with SEO Releases? “The Web has changed the rules. Buyers read your press releases directly and you need to be talking their language.” – David Meerman Scott Traditional PR is still important but your audience is no longer a handful of journalists but millions of potential clients crawling the web for information. The key is to make the release targeted for your customers and not the media. Have the SEO release act as a mini-brochure, hook customers in and then drive traffic to your website from the release.

9 What to Write Releases About New trip offered Special promotions Announce 2010 trip schedule Donations to foundations New member hired to team Someone speaking at a conference Award by a magazine New lodging partner New travel insurance partner, etc. Anything and everything…

10 Forget the Old Rules Write for your customers not the press Accept the fact that everything might not sound perfect Jazz it up a little, it’s OK to sell yourself a bit Think outside the box on topics, you don’t need big news to rank on Google

11 How to Write SEO-Friendly Releases: Keywords Keywords=Content and need to be relevant Use 1-2 targeted keyword phrases if you expect to rank 3-4 word phrase. Experiment, try different keywords to test reactions 1. Determine the best keyword or phrase for your release. Use keywords that you know your customer base will use, avoid using industry jargon.

12 Google Keyword Tools

13 Google Insights

14 Google Trends

15 Google Suggests

16 Competitors Keyword Comparison Backroads Mt Sobek

17 Longtail Keywords… And Eva??

18 Now that You Have Keywords… - In your title always ‘announce’ or have something ‘new’ - Place your designated keyword/phrase in the headline, which carries the most weight with search engines, as well as at least 5 times in the body of the release. - Keep press releases short and concise. The “sweet spot” for an SEO release is between 300 & 500 words. - Include at least two links to your website, make sure to write out the URL and include ‘http://’ for maximum SEO benefit. - Optimize your boilerplate – it will be on every release you send, so always include web links and keywords.

19 Sample

20 ATTA: SEO Releases 101 Distribution Wires Wire choice is based on how competitive your keywords are! $399/release – high quality links PRWeb – $89 – can add images – medium quality links $20 - 50+ free sites – low quality links

21 Start Simple 3 Steps to Get Started… - Write your first SEO Press Release - Distribute on wires and make it social - Monitor your Google rank and the effect on traffic

22 Let’s try to make one! ATTA Webinar: SEO Releases 101

23 @voluntourismgal Questions? Fire Away!

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