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Reasons Why SERVPRO is a better Restoration Vendor The Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company “Nationally Known, Locally Owned” Of Birmingham.

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1 Reasons Why SERVPRO is a better Restoration Vendor The Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company “Nationally Known, Locally Owned” Of Birmingham

2 Reason #1

3 Reduce Water Damage Loss Expense… Emergency Mitigation FACT: Many Losses can be dramatically reduced with fast and effective response Of Birmingham

4 Reason #1 Of Birmingham Within one (1) hour from the time SERVPRO® receives a loss notice, SERVPRO® will call you or your customer to arrange for service.

5 Reason #1 Within four (4) hours from receiving loss notification, we’re “on-site” to start mitigation services Of Birmingham

6 Lower claims loss expense Reason #1 Of Birmingham Within eight (8) hours we will have a preliminary report of the loss back to the appropriate person (adjuster, agent, claims representative, etc.) Increased customer satisfaction

7 Reason #2

8 Reduce Smoke Damage Claims Loss Expense…Pretest FACT: Restoring Property is less expensive than replacing property! Of Birmingham

9 Reason #2 As a claims professional, the rule is: “Restore whenever possible, replace only when necessary.” Of Birmingham

10 Reason #2 Of Birmingham Pre-testing must be a standard emergency response procedure. The faster these decisions are made, the lower the cost of the loss. SERVPRO® is an industry leader in pre-testing technology.

11 Items that need adjuster review Items that cannot be restored Items that can be restored Reason #2 Of Birmingham Pre-testing must occur immediately to qualify restoration with the customer by identifying: Items that are unaffected by the loss

12 Reason #3

13 Vendor Qualification… Professionalism FACT: SERVPRO® provides a national network of over 1,100 Franchise locations. Upon your approval of SERVPRO® as a preferred vendor, claims handling procedures will be defined to meet your specifications. Of Birmingham

14 Immediate response to emergency services Management reports Competitive pricing Effective communication Complete file documentation Quality control procedures Professional equipment and vehicles Trained, uniformed, and professional technicians Reason #3 Of Birmingham We know what you want: Franchise requirements and accountability

15 Reason #4

16 The Paperless Claim… Automation Capability FACT: Paperwork claims processing wastes time and costs money. The insurance industry has a long-term objective of the “paperless claim”. How do you begin? Of Birmingham

17 Increased efficiency Additional savings Reason #4 Of Birmingham Automated claims processing using ScanER™ and your chosen automation partner. Dispatch and review claims, create vital management reports – all with the power of electronic commerce. It’s not a dream…it’s reality with SERVPRO®. Timely Response

18 Reason #5

19 Problem Resolution Assistance… When It Happens FACT: Problems happen! They’re part of loss management Of Birmingham

20 Reason #5 Of Birmingham The key to problem resolution is to react quickly and solve the problem. SERVPRO® provides highly trained customer service representatives that understand your needs.

21 Corporate supervision… National assistance Field Supervision… Local Assistance File documentation… An audit trail Reason #5 Of Birmingham Effective vendor training… Anticipation Problems do happen, but SERVPRO® helps solve the issues as quickly as they arise. We’ll work toward a solution together.

22 Reason #6

23 Reduce Loss Expense… Claim File Priority FACT: The important claim files aren’t always immediately identified. Of Birmingham

24 Reason #6 Of Birmingham 20% of your losses may compromise 80% of your risk.

25 Lower claim payouts Speed up closing of files Free up your adjusters to concentrate on priority claims Eliminate unnecessary adjuster time on small claims Reason #6 Of Birmingham Immediately identify the status of losses Utilizing SERVPRO® to be your “eyes and ears” through early response via our emergency service will:

26 Reason #7

27 Training gets Results… Consistency FACT: Knowledge is Power Of Birmingham

28 Reason #7 Of Birmingham Advanced Restoration Training (ART) provides a foundation of knowledge enabling agents & adjusters to understand, qualify, and communicate more effectively with restoration vendors. Agents & Adjusters are given guidelines of when to restore and when to replace structure and contents, therefore lowering adjusting and property claims loss expense Advanced Restoration Training

29 Reason #7 Of Birmingham SERVPRO® offers its National Training Center to insurance companies throughout the year. Customize your training program to target your key message and include intensive restoration training at a state- of-the-art facility. Visit our National Training Center and see why SERVPRO® is considered the leader in restoration training. SERVPRO National Training Center

30 Reason #7 Of Birmingham SERVPRO®, in conjunction with our franchises nationwide, offers training programs at your location. Your staff will learn the technical aspects of restoring a fire or water damage enabling them to make decisions about the restorability of various materials and to choose claims quickly and less expensively. Regional On-Site Traning


32 Not all Restoration companies are alike…. But one is exceptional. 1-800-SERVPRO® Of Birmingham


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