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What is Sport Marketing?

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1 What is Sport Marketing?
Chapter 1 Lesson 1.2

2 Focus Name items sports fans purchase.
What relationship is there between the item and the sport?

3 Sport Marketing…What is it?
Sports Marketing Finding out customer interests and planning a product or service that the spectators will buy, using sports to market products Spectators of Sporting Events Potential consumers of a wide array of products (apparel & athletic equipment, food items, automobiles)

4 Sport Marketing…What is it?
Determine Target Market A specific group of people you want to reach (know the needs and wants of the target market) How to Find a Target Market Age ranges in the group, marital status, gender, educational level, attitudes & beliefs, income, and disposable income (income that can be freely spent) demographics

5 Sport Marketing…What is it?
Reasons for buying Past experience Referral by a friend Identification with an attitude

6 Spending Habits of Fans
Research these habits to maximize profits on items purchased at sporting events.

7 Spending Habits of Fans
What is the price fans are willing to pay for a ticket? (Make sure to know these) Depends on their interests The national importance of the event Popularity of the participating athletes Rivalry associated with the contest How much are fans willing to pay for team-or-celebrity identified clothing or equipment? For the expenses of food? For the travel to and from games?

8 Marketing Strategies In today’s competitive market, promotion is developed to attract the attention of the target group.

9 Sports Logos on Clothing
1. Show fan loyalty 2. Value of the merchandise is increased in the eyes of the buyer 3. Consumers feel more successful themselves if they own products endorsed by a successful person 4. Popular college & professional teams have earned large sums of money from endorsements

10 Sports Logos on Clothing Cont.
5. Major apparel companies such as Nike & Reebok realize the value of associating successful athletes & teams with their merchandise. 6. Sometimes apparel companies will name a line of merchandise after a successful athlete like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

11 New Sports…New Opportunities
1. New sports markets offer new opportunities for endorsement & marketing 2. Arena football (1987) is one of the fastest- growing sports in the country Affordable price Players meet fans & sign autographs after games The action is continuous b/c the clock doesn’t stop Scores are high (add excitement & build interest) Recent seasons of arena football have had one million fans in attendance nationwide (Orlando Predators/Tampa Bay Storm (1998) game had tv audience of 2 million)

12 Gross Impression The number of times per advertisement, game, or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team, or entertainer 1. The message is subtle 2. Brands shown in movies, tv shows, & televised sporting events

13 Gross Impression…continued
3. Many college & pro teams have company or product logos on their uniforms. 4. Every time the media mentions a player, team, or product there is one more gross impression made on a potential customer 5. College teams that receive a lot of media mention are more likely to end up in the national rankings, and athletes who receive extra mention are more likely to receive awards such as the Heisman Trophy

14 Timing 1. Popularity of teams and sports figures is based on continued winning 2. Team or celebrity on a losing streak loses points in a game and sales of mdse 3. Fans want products & services that id them with a winner 4. Successful trends for athletes and teams must be monitored to determine when marketing strategies need a change 5. Success of one major athletic company—sparks rivalry from a competitor 6. A company’s marketing must be unique

15 Thanks for Watching!

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