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Unit 1. Goals  Define sports marketing.  Explain the value of sports marketing to the economy. Chapter 1 Slide 2.

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1 Unit 1

2 Goals  Define sports marketing.  Explain the value of sports marketing to the economy. Chapter 1 Slide 2

3  Sports are big business at many universities throughout the country. Basketball has become a big money maker for many colleges.  For the 04-05 school year, the University of Arizona men’s basketball program generated revenue of $16.6 million and a profit of $12.5 million.  They have had sell-out games for almost 20 years. Courtside seats can bring in as much as $30,000 per pair.

4  By playing in the NCAA tournament the school secured money for their school from CBS, which televised the tournaments and distributed more than $400 million to the NCAA conferences  Big business can mean big salaries for college coaches. Tom Crean earned $1.65 million in 2005 at Marquette University. He has coached the Golden Eagles to 3 NCAA tournament appearances and a final four appearance.

5  1. Should successful college coaches earn more than $1 million a year?  2. Describe a typical college basketball fan.

6  demographics  common characteristics of a group age, marital status, income, education  sports marketing  using sports to market products Chapter 1 Slide 6

7  continual innovation provides new opportunities  extreme sports Wrestling XFL - 1.2 Sports Marketing\XFL Ad.flv1.2 Sports Marketing\XFL Ad.flv  arena football Grand Rapids - 1.2 Sports Marketing\AFL Grand Rapids.flv1.2 Sports Marketing\AFL Grand Rapids.flv League Promo - 1.2 Sports Marketing\AFL Promo Video.flv1.2 Sports Marketing\AFL Promo Video.flv  Arena football is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. (founded 1987) Tickets sell for an affordable price ($17.50) Players meet fans and sign autographs after every game Clock does not stop and high scoring Chapter 1 Slide 7

8  What has made arena football successful?

9  gross impression  the number of times per advertisement, game, or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team or entertainer Every time your brain sees a product or company logo on the back of a shoe, in a movie scene, or on a license-plate holder on a car your brain records that image. Many college and pro teams have company or product logos on their uniforms. Chapter 1 Slide 9

10  Fans want products and services that identify them with winning teams and athletes.  Marketing efforts may need to be tweaked based on changes in winning trends.  If a major athletic company has a successful marketing campaign, competitors are likely to increase their marketing efforts.  Competition must be monitored so that a company’s marketing can remain unique Chapter 1 Slide 10


12  Why are gross impression and timing important in sports marketing? Chapter 1 Slide 12

13  Gross impression keeps the product upfront in the minds of sports fans.  Successful merchandise sales depend upon having a product available when it is in high demand.

14  Sports marketing is a multi-billion-dollar global industry that has a definite impact on the economy. Chapter 1 Slide 14

15  Emotional connections to teams motivate fans to buy tickets to games.  For example how many people in here are loyal to the Lions (even though they are terrible)?  Marketers try to appeal to the emotions of fans Chapter 1 Slide 15

16  High profile sporting events generate strong promotional revenues for broadcasters.  The Super bowl, BCS, and March Madness attract the attention of large sports minded audiences. Which in turn, attract high-paying promoters Chapter 1 Slide 16

17  Name three ways that sporting events help boost the local economy and/or national economy. Chapter 1 Slide 17

18  Sporting events result in fans spending money on a wide array of related products and services that benefit the economy.  Food  Parking  Hotels

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