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Months of the Year Macarena song.

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1 Months of the Year Macarena song

2 What is it? It is a calendar. When is your birthday? It is in .
Miss Qually’s birthday is in March.

3 Which is the 9th month? January or September
Who is a September baby? Which one is the 7th month? In which month is Christmas?

4 April January Easter What is the first month of the year?
What is the fourth month of the year? Which holiday is there in April?

5 March September What month do we go back to school?
When is Miss Qually’s birthday?

6 July October What comes after September?
Which month is the hottest of the year?

7 May February In which month is Chinese New Year or Valentine’s day?
Which month has only 3 letters? May or November?

8 December November What did Miss Qually say? May or…..(November!)
What is the last month of the year? (In which month is Christmas?)

9 Macarena Song Let’s see how the song goes….
January, February, March, April May, June, July, August September, October, November, December Then you turn around. Watch the youtube clip and dance together The first clip is the Macarena dance. The second clip is a P1 class singing and dancing the Month Macarena song.

10 Ciao!

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