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Health a multidimensional concept. 6 Dimensions of Health.

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1 Health a multidimensional concept

2 6 Dimensions of Health

3 Physical The condition of a person’s body – Cardiovascular fitness – Muscular fitness – Adequate nutrition – Proper weight – Able to perform daily activities

4 Intellectual The capacity to interpret, analyze, and act on information. The ability to evaluate sources of influence on our decision making and behaviors. – Reasoning – Memory – Curiosity – Humor – Logic – Learning from mistakes

5 Emotional Feel and express emotion in a healthy way. Suppressed emotions manifest in other ways; illness, violence, stress disorders

6 Social Respect and acceptance of the unique attributes of others Satisfying interpersonal relationships. View ourselves as making meaningful contributions.

7 Spiritual Integrity, honesty, trust – Practices that nurture this within us Meaning and purpose in our lives Strong concern for others; compassion regardless of circumstances.


9 Environmental An appreciation of our external environment Our responsibility in preserving, protecting, and improving it. – Committed to their share of the responsibility – Degree to which a person’s work makes a positive impact on others – Volunteering

10 Wellness  a measure of status in each of the dimensions of health  the key to unlocking an individual’s full potential


12 What does this mean? A person may be physically overweight, inactive, smoker… but may be healthy in other domains.


14 Top 5 Impediments to Academic Performance 1.Stress 2.Sleep 3.Cold/Flu 4.Depression/Anxiety 5.Concern for family/friend National College Health Assessment, 2010

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