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How is the process of publishing printed material

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1 How is the process of publishing printed material (newspapers, magazines, books) different from publishing on the Internet?


3 Definitions Evaluate – judge, assess, determine the quality of
Criteria – standards use to judge •Credibility – person or organization knows the subject, cares about quality •Accuracy – information is current, complete and correct. •Reasonableness – truthful and unbiased •Support – verifiable sources of information

4 Criteria to Consider When Evaluating a Website?

5 Credibility Evaluating the Author
The author's expertise and credentials should relate to your subject. A credible contributor might: Hold a degree in this subject Study or do research on this topic; work in a related field Write about this topic regularly Have first-hand knowledge - participated in, or observed, events and people Finding the author? May not be one, do not use staff authors, use title instead, about us, etc

6 Is recent information important for my topic?
Accuracy - Currency – Is recent information important for my topic? Information on science, current events and living people changes rapidly. Check: Publication date, Revision date, Update date Last date to use – copyright date

7 Reasonableness/Support - Evaluating the Publisher
Why would this organization publish this information? Purpose What are the organization's goals (e.g., "About," "FAQ," "Media Center")? What expertise do people (e.g., Board members, staff) have? What are the goals of organizations that support or fund this site? Where do I find the publisher? Bottom of page near copyright, contact us, about us, home page, LOOK!

8 Reasonableness-Objectivity - Evaluating the Author’s Credibility
What is the author's purpose (e.g., persuade, inform, describe)? How do you know? Main idea? Are other view points considered? (Bias) How does this source fit for my research/topic?

9 Support - Fact Check? Who does the author link to, quote, or references? (Credible sources) Is original source information presented accurately? Is data presented fully? (Both sides represented – different viewpoints) How strong is the evidence? Verify information using different sources

10 Citing a Web Page – Where Do I Find The Elements?
Title of the Web page Title of the Web site Author (Do not use a generalized name like "Staff Authors.“) Publication or update date Publisher or sponsor Access date – depending on citation style URL (if required by teacher)

11 Images & Content Retrieved & Modified from Noodle Tools: http://www

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