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Page 1 © DGA 2004 Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA S.A. Modern Consulting Services for the great of tomorrow

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1 page 1 © DGA 2004 Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA S.A. Modern Consulting Services for the great of tomorrow

2 page 2 © DGA 2004 page 2 Poznań-based consulting firm with 14 years experience Unique combination of business consulting services and IT solutions Polands access to the EU is a unique opportunity for rapid growth Turn-key customer services: Business consulting – Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA S.A. Auditing, accounting, tax – Usługi Audytorskie DGA Sp. z o.o. Legal advice – Kancelaria Prawna Marcin Piszcz i Wspólnicy Spółka Komandytowa Taxation – DGA & SAJA Sp. z o.o. about us We are competent...

3 page 3 © DGA 2004 we're competent... about us page 3 Our team – our success about us We are competent…… Our potential 90 consultants: 23 long term consultants (3 years) 13 staff 30-40 regular expert advisors The true secret of success is enthusiasm W. Chrysler Andrzej Głowacki Chairman of the Board, 14 years in DGA Waldemar Przybyła Business Management, 12 years in DGA Jacek Musiał Strategy, 9 years in DGA Anna Szymańska European Union, 14 years in DGA Paweł Radziłowski, Management, 8 years in DGA

4 page 4 © DGA 2004 page 4 Firstly – a structured company about us We are competent… Transparent structure Board European Union And HR Services Corporate Finance Management Consultancy and IT CRM System info.dga system

5 page 5 © DGA 2004 page 5 The shoemakers son goes well shod. DGA BSC DGA Controlling ISO 9001BS 7799-2 You will never build your reputation by talking H. Ford about us we are competent...

6 page 6 © DGA 2004 page 6 Our clients and projects Quality is remembered longer than cost R. Gucci WORLD BANK about us we are competent...

7 page 7 © DGA 2004 page 7 about us we are competent... Management Consulting Companies in Poland Ranked by number of management consultants. 1. Accenture207 2. Andersen BC115 3. DGA 71 4. Capgemini 70 5. McKinsey 67 6. Deloitte 65 7. KPMG 62 8. EVIP 57 9. Infovide 45 Ranking prepared by Warsaw Business, 10 May 2004

8 page 8 © DGA 2004 page 8 Risk diversification and turn-key customer services Management Consulting Restructuring of business processes Quality management systems Support for implementing software systems IT consulting services Information security 1997 European Union Services Regional development plans and strategies Projects and applications for assistance and structural funds Project management Development of human resources Public and private partnership 2003 Business Consulting Financing export projects Corporate Finance CRM Restructuring and outsourcing Strategy and BSC Controlling of operations 1990 IT Products DGA Process: business process modelling tool DGA Quality: quality systems implementation software DGA Workflow: workflow management system DGA Learning DGA Project Management DGA Controlling DGA BSC 2001 our products we are effective...

9 page 9 © DGA 2004 page 9 Flagship projects our products We are effective… Participation in the establishment of: Grupa Energetyczna ENEA S.A. Południowy Koncern Energetyczny S.A. Sales transactions of Treasury stocks PTG Wierzynek Bester Framework of CRM system PGF S.A. Implementation of Quality Systems: Katowicki Holding Węglowy S.A. Commercial Union 8 Distribution Energy Firms Optimalisation of Business processes in: PROVIMI (Rolimpex) JELFA S.A. Implementation DGA software at most clients. EU projects Sectoral Program for Human Resources Development– Wielkopolska i Lubuskie Development of SME Assistance in the preparation and management of projects financed by EU aid funds

10 page 10 © DGA 2004 Why with us We are credible… Prognosis of financial results Finance data ( mln PLN ) Sales Gross profit Net profit 2003 15.2 2.9 2.1 2004 23.2 4.2 3.4 2005 32.6 6.3 5.1 2006 40.7 8.1 6.6 indicators (in%) Gross return on sales Net return on sales 2003 19.0 13.8 2004 18.2 14.7 2005 19.3 15.7 2006 19.9 16.1 Management Consulting Business Consulting page 10

11 page 11 © DGA 2004 Detailed information about DGA shares Price range – book building23-30 zł (5.1-6.7 ) Share price for industries27.50 zł (6.1 ) Stock exchange DGA share value67.8 mln (15 mln ) Capital acquisition from stock exchang15.5 mln (3.4 mln) Money from investors is dedicated to: Building new competence centers: –Human Resources Development –Information Security Acquisition 3-4 firms Development of DGA software Concerning share issues we are pioneers…

12 page 12 © DGA 2004 page 12 Polish Consulting Leader Shares on the WSE © DGA 2003 Why should I buy DGA stock? 1. Growing consulting services market in Poland 2. Unique position of DGA on the consulting services market 3. Impressive list of clients 4. Unique reliability of key people in DGA 5. Brilliant and workable ideas for the future why choose us? We are reliable...

13 page 13 © DGA 2004 We invite and look forward to your cooperation Doradztwo Gospodarcze DGA S.A 60-896 Poznań, Poland Towarowa Str. 35 (+48) 61 859-59-00 phone (+48) 61 859-59-00 fax

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