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Education and Popular Culture

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1 Education and Popular Culture
Chapter 21 Section 3 Notes

2 School Enrollments 4 million kids in High School 1920’s Schools
Votech classes, more classes Teaching Immigrants English Prepared people for the world Taxes went up to support schools

3 Expanded New Coverage Magazines Weekly Reader’s Digest, Time
News and events

4 Radio Comes of Age Most Popular Live News Live Sports Music
Opened up the World

5 American Hero’s Babe Ruth: Famous Baseball Player
Helen Wills: Tennis pro, won U.S Open 7 Times Andrew Foster: Founder of Negro National League, Father of Black Baseball

6 Lindbergh’s Flight Spirit of St. Louis NYC -> Paris
Ticker Tape Parade America’s #1 Hero

7 Entertainment and the arts
Movies with sound (Talkies): allowed an escape from the reality of life Walt Disney: Steamboat Willie George Gershwin: American composer Georgia O’Keefee: Painter who showed the greatness of NYC

8 Writers of the 1920’s Sinclair Lewis: 1st Nobel Prize in Lit winner
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby The Lost Generation U.S. writers who moved to Paris due to the U.S. Society and what they saw Ernest Hemingway Fought in WWI, writes against war New polished writing style

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