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Unit: Science & Technology

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1 Unit: Science & Technology
Lesson #1 Science and the Natural World Essential Question: What skills do scientists use?

2 1.) A way of learning about the natural world Science
2.) Using one or more of your senses to gather Observing information 3.) An observation that deals with numbers Quantitative 4.) An observation that deals with descriptions Qualitative What is one qualitative observation and one quantitative observation about the chimp?

3 5.) When you explain or interpret Inferring
things that have happened or are happening based on reasoning from what you know. This is not a guess. What can you infer about the chimp and the termite mound?

4 6.) Making a statement or a claim about Prediction
what will happen in the future based on past experience or evidence Make a prediction about what this angry chimp might do next?

5 7.) Grouping together of items that are Classifying alike in some way
8.) Comparing observations and data Evaluating to reach a conclusion 9.) Creating representations of complex Making models objects or processes Why is this map a model?

6 10.) This tool is used to record Table
the information collected from an experiment

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