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Znani Białostoczanie Famous people from Bialystok Projekt edukacyjny zespołu uczennic klasy III Publicznego Gimnazjum nr 18 w Białymstoku Skład zespołu:

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Presentation on theme: "Znani Białostoczanie Famous people from Bialystok Projekt edukacyjny zespołu uczennic klasy III Publicznego Gimnazjum nr 18 w Białymstoku Skład zespołu:"— Presentation transcript:

1 Znani Białostoczanie Famous people from Bialystok Projekt edukacyjny zespołu uczennic klasy III Publicznego Gimnazjum nr 18 w Białymstoku Skład zespołu: Jeromin Urszula Łabacz Katarzyna Opiekun zespołu: mgr Anna Pogorzelska

2 You would be surprised how many famous people come from Białystok. Of course, there are different meanings of the word famous because some of these people are famous all over the world, others are well-known in Poland and there are quite a few legendary figures recognized only in our region. Its simply a matter of range.

3 Edward Ryszard Linde- Lubaszenko was born on August 23rd 1939 in Bialystok. He is a Polish actor. His son Olaf Lubaszenko is also an actor. Linde-Lubaszenko was studying Medicine. In 1977 he graduated from The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow. Edward Ryszard Linde-Lubaszenko has been playing in many theatres for example in Wroclaw, Opole, Cracow. He was a dean at State Drama School in Cracow from 1987 to 1990.

4 He was a keen football player. He played in the National Polish artists football team. He took part in 65 films such as Kroll, Psy, Lista Schindlera, Młode wilki, Sztos, Operacja Samum, Chłopaki nie płaczą, Róża and in 24 series for instance Stawka większa niż życie, Pogranicze w ogniu, Ekstradycja 2, M jak miłość, Kasia i Tomek and Na dobre i na złe.

5 Adam Piechocki (pseudonym PIH) was born on September 9th 1977 in Bialystok. He is one of the most popular Polish rappers. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bialystok. In 2000 he and his team JedenSiedem recorded an album Wielka Niewiadoma. The album was a success and brought him an immense popularity. In 2001 Hirek Wrona invited the team to the 38th Festival of Polish Song in Opole and soon after the band broke up.

6 Since then Adam Piechocki has started making a career for himself. He has released 8 albums. PIH has collaborated with such artists as Peja, Jamal, Pezet, Oddział Zamknięty, Reni Jusis, Fokus, Kaczor, Ero, Chara etc. He has been featured on 70 albums. In 2012, the rapper was in the honorary committee in support of the March of Independence.

7 Agnieszka Maciąg-Wolańska was born on May 9th 1969 in Bialystok. Her real name is Agnieszka Kozak. She has graduated from Secondary School of Fine Art in Supraśl near Bialystok. She was studying Journalism at the University of Warsaw as well as and Psychology and Cultural Studies at Wyższa Szkoła Psychologii Społecznej in Warsaw. She began her modeling career in She has worked for well-known designers, including for Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Cardin, Louis Feraud, Escada, in Poland for Teresa Rosati, Anna Brodzinska, Maciej Zień.

8 In 1992, he returned to Poland to give birth to a son. In 1996, he ended his international career, but did not quit her job in the country. From time to time she presents on the catwalk collections of Polish fashion designers. In 1996 she recorded a solo album 5:30 Marakesz with the single Zatrzymaj czas. She conducted interviews with the stars of the world of film, music, art and sport in Poland including Urszula Dudziak, Kayah, Robert Korzeniowski, Katarzyna Figura, Jan Peszek, Michal Urbaniak and abroad for instance Eros Ramazotti, Zucchero, Venessa Mae, M People, Chambawamba.

9 She supports charitable organizations and events (eg. Children Hospice in Bialystok, the Foundation for Children's Fantasy, Synapsis). In the year 2008 was an ambassador Foundation World Food Programme (WHO Nutrition) working at the United Nations, which is engaged in the fight against hunger in third world countries. She is leading the Metamorphosis Fashion Cafe in TV Polsat Cafe, and is co- host of the Little Black in the TV 4. Since the year 1996 is together with the photographer Robert Wolańskim. They married in On April 30th 2012 she gave birth to their daughter Helena.

10 Kayah was born on Novebmer 5th 1967 in Warsaw. She spent her childhood with his grandparents in Bialystok. She is a Polish singer, songwriter, music producer and television personality. In 1988 she made her debut at the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole with the song Córeczko, which brought her fame in the country. Then she recorded a solo album, entitled Kayah. The first author's album Kamień Kayah released in November Kayah was later nominated for the Fryderyk 1996 for best singer.

11 In the 90s launched the careers of such hits as Fleciki, Supermenka and Na językach. Together with Goran Bregovic they recorded an album Kayah and Bregovic (1999), which featured the hits Śpij, kochanie śpij and Prawy do lewego. In 2001, he founded his own record label, Kayax. It is still recording, and her last solo studio album is a rock in September Total sales of the album is more than a million copies. On November 28, 2006 in Łódz for the first time in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, there was a concert in the series MTV Unplugged, which Kayah with several guests ( Anna Maria Jopek, Chesney Snow) made fourteen tracks. She recorded 12 albums.

12 In subsequent years, she has focused more on the activities of a producer, releasing on their label Kayax albums of such artists as Maria Peszek, Zakopower or Novika. She has recorded several musical themes for films, including Przedwiośnie and Ryś. She also starred in several productions, including series Niania. For 12 years she was married to a Dutch manufacturer Rinke Rooyens. Couple finally divorced in 2010, after several years of separation.

13 Paweł Małaszyński was born on June 26th 1976 in Szczecinek. He is a film and theater actor and a singer. He lived in Szczecinku and Koszalin. Then he returned to his hometown to Podlasie, Bialystok. He attended Primary School No. 36 in Bialystok. Then he passed to V High School in the same city. He was studying the Faculty of Law, but he decided that his true calling is acting. When he was 22 he won an index of Wroclaw Academy of Dramatic Arts (the third time), from which he graduated in 2002.

14 He was the winner of the prize awarded by the magazine Viva for the most famous people Viva! Najpiękniejsi, He also received Telekamery 2007 in the category of Best Actor and Telekamery 2008 in the same category. Paul Malaszynski has been selected as one of the three famous people of Poland to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay in Beijing in 2008 carrying a flame from which the opening day of the Olympic ignition Olympic torch.

15 Since August 17th 2002 he has been married to Joanna Chitruszko, a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher. On April 12th 2004 their first son, Jeremiah was born. He plays in the band the Cochise, in which he is the lead singer and lyricist. Together with a band they have recorded three discs. He starred in Teraz albo nigdy, Twarzą w twarz, Katyń, Świadek koronny, Tajemnica Twierdzy Szyfrów, Magda M. and Wiedźmin.

16 Tomasz Frankowski was born on 16th August 1974 in Bialystok. He is a former Polish footballer who plays as a striker and a former Polish representative. Now he is a player of Jagiellonia Bialystok. From childhood Tomasz Frankowski was interested in football. In 1984, he played for the Primary School No. 10 in Bialystok. His team won a junior tournament and the winners recorded for training in local Jagiellonia. In this way, as the age of ten, Tomasz Frankowski was in Bialystok club. After six years, has signed its first contract with Jagiellonia.

17 Tomasz Frankowski made his debut in the league on 29th August 1992 in a meeting with Ruch Chorzow. The first goal was scored by 7th October in a meeting with Szombierkami Bytom.The young striker could not break into the first team. Finally his talent was spotted by French coach RC Strasbourg. Frankowski appeared in Strasbourg in In 1996, he went on to run at the time by Arsène Wenger, the Japanese club Nagoya Grampus Eight, but quickly returned to France. He moved first to the third-tier Poitiers FC.

18 In 1998, Frankowski returned to Poland, becoming the player of Wisla Kraków. In the period , Frank was the star of the Polish team to qualify for the World Cup in In 2008 a footballer signed two-year contract with the team, which is a pupil - Jagiellonia Bialystok. He helped Jagiellonia to remain in the league. On May 29th 2013 he announced that at the end of the 2012/13 season will end his career.

19 Justyna Sieńczyłło was born on 28th November 1969 in Bialystok. She is a theatre and a television actress. She graduated from the Secondary School in Bialystok. In 1992 she graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Dramatic Arts and Theatre actress. She played the multiple roles including the following: Hermia in Midsummer Night's Dream, Chris in Dances in Ballybeg.

20 Her vocal talent is also appreciated by implementers musicals musical theater in Warsaw: Syrena and Roma. She played there in musicals such as Peter Pan, Crazy for You and Piękna Ludynda. Justyna Sieńczyłło also occurs in movies and television series (including Klan, Szatan z siódmej klasy ). She is a heroine of the book entitled Optymistki written by Marzanna Graff-Oszczepalińska. An actress is a wife of Emilian Kaminski. They have two sons Kajetan and Cyprian.

21 Tomasz Bagiński was born on January 10th 1976 in Bialystok. He is a Polish illustrator, animator and director. He is a self-taught artist. His first film Rain has won a couple of local awards and became the passport to Platige Image company, in which he is a creative director. Between 1999 and 2002 he was working on his short film debut,The Cathedral, which in 2002 won the first prize at SIGGRAPH, the biggest festival of animation and special effects, and a year later was nominated for an Oscar for the best animated short film.

22 In 2004, he made his second short film, Fallen Art. In 2005, he received another award at the SIGGRAPH festival, becoming the only artist in history who has won two main awards. Fallen Art also received a BAFTA Award for Best Short Animation and a Grand Prix for Digital Shorts at Golden Horse Film Festival 2005 (shared with Jarek Sawko and Piotr Sikora). Bagiński has also created cinematics for The Witcher computer game based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski.

23 He is the author of all covers of Jacek Dukaj books, including the novel entitled Ice. In 2009, he directed another short film, The Kinematograph, based on a comic book by Mateusz Skutnik from the album Revolutions: Monochrome. Apart from his own projects, Bagiński works as a director on commercials and stage shows. He has published in many trade magazines, from United States to China and Japan.

24 Szymon Hołownia was born on September 3rd 1976 in Bialystok. He graduated from High School in Bialystok. He studied Psychology at the Warsaw School of Social Psychology. Twice he was in the novitiate of the Order Dominicans. He worked as a paramedic. He founded a branch of Bialystok Foundation Pomoc Maltańska. In he was an editor of the culture of Gazeta Wyborcza. In a columnist and an editor of the Newsweek Poland. Since April to July 2005 he was a deputy editor of the Ozone. In the years he was a publicist again in Newsweek Poland. From September 2012 to April 2013 he was a columnist for the Wprost.

25 He broadcasts on Radio Bialystok, Vox FM Radio, worked with Radio PiN. In 2006, he was leading the program I'm just asking for TVP1. In the years he was director of programming television station Since 2008, together with Marcin Prokop co-directed the television TVN four editions of the Mam talent. In December 2012 he launched a web portal Station 7. He has written books such as Kościół dla średnio zaawansowanych, Tabletki z krzyżykiem, Ludzie na walizkach, Monopol na zbawienie or Bóg. Życie i twórczość. He has been awarded the Grand Press twice.

26 Adam Woronowicz was born 25th December 1973 in Bialystok. He gratuated V High School in Bialystok, then graduated from the Acting Department of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw in He has performed at the Teatr Rozmaitości in Warsaw and from 2009 till now and in Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw from 2001 to 2009.

27 Adam Woronowicz is a prize winner of Aleksander Zelwerowicz award for season 2004/2005 for the role of Fadinard in Słomkowy kapelusz and Miron in the Television Theatre play Diary of the Warsaw Uprising. He played the role of priest Jerzy Popieluszko in the film Popiełuszko. Wolność jest w nas, directed by Rafał Wieczyński. Adam Woronowicz starred also in Enduro Bojz, Chopin. Pragnienie miłości, Generał Nil, Rewers, Czas honoru and Hans Kloss. Stawka większa niż śmierć.

28 Of course, these are not all famous people who were born or lived in Bialystok, but they are very meaningful for the citizens and for the city itself. Why people here are so fruitful you may ask? Well, it is probably the multiculturalism of Bialystok that inspired so many people to be creative in so many areas of life. Or maybe its the air…

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