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Accessing Student Gmail Student Instructional Guide.

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1 Accessing Student Gmail Student Instructional Guide

2 I have a Gmail? YES!!!  Every student on the BOWIE campus has access to a student AISD GMAIL account.  Through this account you can only send and receive emails within the AISD system.  You can download the APP onto your phone and quickly access your emails. (Specifically FIT notifications).

3 How to check your GMAIL! (step by step instructions follow) Video Demo of Process:

4 Step by Step Instructions!

5 Logging Into Your Cloud Step 1. Go to Step 2. SIGN INTO THE CLOUD

6 Open your google drive 1.If Google Drive is on your home screen click it! 2.If it is not you can use the search bar to find Google Drive Search here Google Drive Icon

7 Find your Gmail address 1.Once you are in your GOOGLE DRIVE, click on the BLUE HUMAN IMAGE ICON. 2.This will then show you your EMAIL ADDRESS. Click Here

8 Using Gmail App to Check AISD Email Student Directions for logging into AISD Student Gmail on an iPhone

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