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Source: Facts on File World Atlas Online, 2009.. By: Syasia and Lexie.

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1 Source: Facts on File World Atlas Online, 2009.

2 By: Syasia and Lexie

3 Holidays Diwali Lasts from two five days It is a Sanskrit term that means “row of lights” People decorate their homes, exchange gifs and greeting cards, and wear new clothes. Republic Day Commemorates the adoption of the first constitution of the independent republic of India on January 26,1950 Parade,floats, songs and dances. -

4 Holidays Mahatma Gandhi Birthday October 2 The birth Mahatma Gandhi a peace loving leader of India who inspired Indians in their fig against British rule helped them achieve independence.

5 Source:


7 Gandhi BY: Melissa, Shanice, Victor-Y

8 Source:

9 Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand Born-1869 Die-1928 He helped free India from British control by using nonviolent resistance He believed truth could be known only through tolerance and concern for others In 1930, Gandhi led hundreds of followers on a 240-mile (386- kilometer) march to the sea, where they made salt from sea water this was a Protest against the salt acts. Gandhi

10 Taj mahal By Eleazar

11 Taj Mahal The Indian ruler Shan Jahan ordered it built in memory of his favorite wife. The tomb stands at Aga in northern The Taj Mahal is surrounded gardens and fountains took It took 20years to compete. It took 20,000 workers to build it. Source:



14 The Himalayas By: Victor P., Chris, and Paul

15 The HIMALAYAS  Mount Everest [29,035 feet,or 8,850 meters] which lies between Tibet Nepal is the highest mountain in the world.  Himalayas is the highest mountains system in the world.  K2 [28,250 feet, or 8,611 meters]. in the Karakorum range is the worlds second highest mountain.

16 Source Citation: "Himalayas, Nepal." (Susan D. Rock. Reproduced by permission. ).Junior Reference Collection. Gale. Asbury Park Middle School. 26 Feb. 2009.





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