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Mohandas Gandhi By Keana Erin Meza Ms. Marshall Per. ¾ 2009-2010.

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1 Mohandas Gandhi By Keana Erin Meza Ms. Marshall Per. ¾ 2009-2010

2 Mohandas Gandhi was born in a small city on India’s west coast called Porbandar on October 2,1869. He was the youngest of his father, Karamchand or Kara’s 6 children. His father was a Hindu and a 3 widower. He also worked as a minister to the British for the Maharaja of Porbandar. When Gandhi was only 7 years of age his father moved the whole family east to Rajkot. His father’s politics and his mother’s religion were good influences on Gandhi.

3 When Mohandas was years 13 old when he got married to Kasturbai Makanji, who was 13 as well. Their marriage had lasted 62 years and they had 4 sons. In 1944 Kasturbai was murdered at the British Prison. She was sent to Prison for protesting colonial rules.

4 At 19 Mohandas Gandhi was sent by his parents to London, England to attend in Law School. Mohandas had wanted to leave his wife Kasturbai and his 1 year old son Harilil behind. While he was there he discovered a passion for fashion as a British Gentlemen. Mohandas’ Son

5 “Then he decided to value his mind more than money.” Gandhi finally went back home in 1891 as a 22 year old man with a British Law Degree. In 1893 he was given a humongous opportunity. “Gandhi was asked to represent an Indian company for civil suit in South Africa.” Gandhi was continuing his fight for the civil rights, but in 1904 the whites started the control over the government.

6 Gandhi wanted to do something about it at age 35. he was annoyed with the whites bigotry, and then decided to bring himself closer to the people. In 1915 of World War 1 Gandhi came back to India. He made and led a movement of independence. In 1919, Great Britain had censorship all laws, banned the freedom assemblies, and Gandhi’s own writings.

7 “Gandhi and his followers refused to obey.” Thousands of them were sent to prisons. Mohandas Gandhi then decided to have a nonviolence strike. “Nonviolence,” he pleaded, “is a message to the brave!” Even though the strike occurred it didn’t work, even more violence struck. 3 Englishmen were killed in the riots. Infuriated, the British Army fired on the crowd, & 400 were killed. “Gandhi, outraged by the British’s action, then decided to end his loyalty to the crown.”

8 In 1920, nearly 15,000 delegates in the Indian national Congress voted for peaceful meanings of independence. “The great mass of Indians adopted Gandhi’s ideas of satyagraha truth and love and refused to obey British Colonial Laws. Gandhi and his Muslim allies made up some supports for their independence. In 1921, 52 year old Mohandas Gandhi was then a weaver of Indian Clothes started wearing nothing else but a poor man’s loincloth, shawl, and sandals.

9 In the middle of 1922 and 1924 Gandhi was imprisoned for the criticizing of the British Government. In 1930 he led a 241- mile march for salt. Another thousands were sent to prison. “Nothing but organized nonviolence,” wrote Gandhi,”can check the organized violence from the British government.” He and a lot of his marchers including his wife were jailed for their treason. The people still rioted without Gandhi.

10 “In 1946 a war-weary England proposed independence.” Finally on August 15,1947 the British left India because of the Partition riots. And on January 8,1962 Mohandas Gandhi died of old age at 93 years old. “Although the struggle for civil rights was far from over, Mohandas Gandhi’s long fight for India’s freedom had been won.” Mohandas Gandhi died at 93 years old

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