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Fundamentals of Accessible Media What does it look like? Captions StreamedLocal.

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2 Fundamentals of Accessible Media

3 What does it look like? Captions StreamedLocal

4 What does it sound like? Audio Descriptions: StreamedLocal

5 A Little Jargon When is a subtitle not a subtitle: –When its a caption! British misnomer Subtitles are both titles in the language of the video or offered as translation tools. Captions capture all audio content. Why the difference?

6 Practical Solutions: Overview Captioning –Hard of hearing –Not subtitles –Conveys all audio content –Needs to conform to established standards –Closed or Open –Transcripts Signed Media –Hard of hearing –Good if only using audio –Bandwidth issues –Costly / time consuming –Problems with automated services

7 Practical Solutions: Overview Audio Description –Vision Impairment –Spoken during silences or pre/post. –Support across players varies –Requires much time and a lot of skill Interface Design –Clear –Logical and easily navigable –Keystroke access –Embedding in web pages can lead to browser anomolies

8 The Other Options… Signed Media –Bandwidth considerations –Sign language isnt international –Interpreter acquisition –Funding and expense Transcripts –Users required to look away –What happens if you lose the place?

9 Which Tool? MAGpie –The Media Access Generator –The National Centre for Accessible Media –Has won a number of awards –Constantly in development

10 Shooting for Success Composition –Simplicity –Viewable area –180 degree rule Lighting, Colour & Contrast –3 Is focus –Much contrast –Good lighting –Few shadows Background –Remember bandwidth –Simple and plain –Depth of field if desperate Timing –Longer shots over shorter ones Movement –What movement!?

11 Adding Captions No absolute standards Familiarity Break up sentences Verbatim Captions and Reading Speed Whos Speaking? Timing Sound effects Typography Ornamentation Music Numbers Punctuation and Spelling

12 Adding Audio Descriptions Not a science Familiarity Describe what you actually see Linguistics Simplicity Prioritise Context Synchronising Consistency Tone of voice Onsceen Text Extended Descriptions Language of Description


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