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Quality Learning Outside the Classroom LOTC Working Group.

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1 Quality Learning Outside the Classroom LOTC Working Group

2 The Big Picture Manifesto for Learning Outside the Classroom Website All young people should experience learning outside the classroom and its benefits, not as a bolt-on to learning but as a central aspect of the learning experience, the curriculum and the courses they are engaged with.


4 A Different View

5 Workshop aims; 1.Provide a rationale for going out as part of geography selling the subject as the best medium for delivering certain aspects of quality LOTC 2.Define what are the indicators of quality LOTC 3.Provide some ideas on how to develop that quality

6 WHY GEOGRAPHY? LOTC will involve selling the subject; Senior Management Colleagues Participants (e.g. students) Parents (especially if there is a cost involved)

7 What does geography offer LOTC that other subjects do not OR cannot? In small groups... You have about 3 minutes!

8 Geography offers LOTC... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

9 Having done the pitch... How do we make sure geography is able to offer quality LOTC? Photo of Sir Alan Sugar removed for copyright reasons

10 Linked to teaching topics Relevant to the lives of the pupils Allows progression Developing skills and learning new ones Providing opportunities that cannot be achieved within a classroom First hand learning and real life testing Analysing real and messy data Allowing further independent investigation What makes quality LOTC? Engaging

11 How do we get quality LOTC into our activities?


13 How do we get quality in LOTC?


15 Some of our ideas Ideas from a housing estate Introduction Pupils consider the characteristic features of the houses. – Style, age and layout of the area? – What age are the buildings? – Why did people come here? Do we all like the same things? – How do we personalise our homes? Task Pupils investigate, by observation, the ways in which houses basically similar in design, are given an individual makeover

16 Some of our ideas Cloning of a High Street Introduction Based upon research undertaken by New Economics Foundation ( into the observation that British High Streets are becoming clones of each other by offering the same range of services through national chain stores to the detriment of local independent Task Repeat NEF original survey Where in the High Street independent and chain stores are located? Are independent stores located in particular areas? Through questionnaires, what attracts people to chain/independent retailers? How do independent retailers differentiate themselves from chain stores? Do they market their independent status?

17 Supporting Your SMT How quality LOTC can support SEF School Improvement Plans

18 External accreditation for providers

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