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The company for students, graduates and employers Simon Reichwald Director, Bright Futures.

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1 The company for students, graduates and employers Simon Reichwald Director, Bright Futures

2 The Company for students, graduates and employers UKs leading student, graduate and employer network for school and university talent – focused on employability and employment What makes us unique 1977 - Student Industrial Society 2007 - Bright Futures Society 45+ Universities Growing platform of schools

3 One door to early and emergent talent One size does not fit all Consulting On Campus Solutions Selection & Recruitment [sub 100 grads p.a.] Training & Development



6 Making a difference for students and employers Improving student career engagement Seen by the HE Academy as an example of best practice Over 250 events run in 2011/12 60% of our 2010/11 committee members had found themselves employment before the end of the academic year And 50% of those were with our clients

7 Agenda State of the Graduate Market What Employers seek from Graduates What Students like & need What Employers seek from Universities – On Campus Activities Summary

8 Graduates hit as companies scrap training schemes [The Times 25/08/2010] Many graduates 'earn less than school leavers' People Management Magazine Online Graduate unemployment at highest for over a decade [BBC News – 26/11/2010] Graduate unemployment up 25 per cent Times Higher Education 04/07/2010 Nearly 20000 of last year's graduates - one in ten - were unemployed six months after leaving university - up from eight per cent in 2008. People Management Magazine [02/07/2010] Graduate unemployment increases 44% in one year [ The Guardian 02/11/2010] Value of holding a degree shrinks for 21st- century graduates - The Guardian

9 Work experience and networking key to graduate jobseekers Work experience and networking key to graduate jobseekers [Chartered Management Institute] New internships for graduate job hunters [DirectGov] Pay gap between graduates and those without degrees widens with age [The Guardian 07/09/2011] Networking and work experience are best ways into graduate jobs [] Degree seen as vital for social mobility [Financial Times 07/09/2011]

10 Graduate Jobs AGR Members Hire c10% SME Recruiters 3 Types of Graduate Roles – all credible routes Graduate Salaries (3 year of stagnation) – agr & others More and More Competitive – applications trebling 79% of students go to University to improve their job prospects 57% of students want their University to do more to help their employability

11 Face to Face Psychometrics Online application form Offers Advertising and Attraction SEPTEMBER AUTUMN TERM BY EASTER Telephone Interview

12 What employers seek in graduates Academic Achievement (allows you to apply) Competencies (Tell me about a time when…?) What more have you done? How are you different? – Work Experience & Commerciality – Achievement – Made an impact / difference Can they verbalise and demonstrate these differences & their skills?


14 What Students Like & Need Like – Speed Networking – Impactful, real world insights into employers – To take part, not have it done to them (empowered) – Relevant / tailored to them as individuals Birmingham School of Social Sciences Meet current graduates (alumni events) Need – Compulsory as Paretos Law (The scary facts - Exeter 321) – Early intervention, engagement (If only Id known), when they have more time

15 Employers On Campus Aims: – Attract & Educate about them, the breadth of roles and who can apply – Help develop skills – Hires, Spend Less, Increased conversion rates & ROI Challenges: – Time, Resources, Money – Which Universities / Faculties to target / how easy it is

16 Employers on Campus Target Fewer Universities – Based more and more on ROI not just rankings Work more closely with them – Careers Services – Academic Departments – Societies Nirvana is early & consistent engagement, with all relevant students to build relationships

17 Employers on campus Curricula, Co-Curricula and Extra-Curricula Employers want to identify opportunities that are right for them at all levels Practicalities: – Too many employers - saturation Create sector groups Promote the sector not just the individual company – Time in curriculum for skills reflection

18 Summary Massive Improvement but much more needed Challenges: – (Early) Engagement – Individualise / Personalise – Resource and Time – Multiple demands Collaboration is key Empower the students to take responsibility

19 The company for students, graduates and employers Simon Reichwald Director, Bright Futures 01242 236415

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