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Understanding the diversity Class 6 Political Science.

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1 Understanding the diversity Class 6 Political Science

2 Hello Students Name the places you would like to go on a holiday?? And WHY so???

3 Lets do an activity - Divide the class into 4 groups – Group 1 – draw your favorite food Group 2 – draw your favorite dress Group 3 – draw your favorite festival Group 4 – draw your favorite animal

4 Now, why is it that we all are drawing different things? What if we all looked the same? Why do we all enjoy this variety? Imagine you stay in a place where all looks the same, wear the same dress/color, eat the same food etc. What is it that you will miss the most in such a scenario?

5 What do you see in the following pictures??


7 Let’s play a game - What is the first thing that strikes your mind when we say “INDIA” Name the different ways in which Indians pray? Name the different clothes Indians wear? Name the different food Indians eat? Why is it so?

8 A state of being diverse in terms of cultural differences that exist between people, such as language, dress and traditions, there are also significant variations in the way societies organize themselves, in their shared conception of morality, and in the ways they interact with their environment. Source - So now define “DIVERSITY”?

9 Story time!! There lived a family of 4 in a village. Anil was the head of the family along with his wife and two children. Due to the poor harvest and drought hunger strike the village and they had to leave their home. Anil found a new job and settled with his family in a new land. After living peacefully for 3 years war broke in the region. All fled to different places. Anil along with his family relocated to a new city. Here he got into trading and lived happily with his family.

10 Let’s discuss What did you hear in the story? What are the impacts on Anil and his family as they are moving to new places again and again? The family is adopting the new things in new land. Anil’s occupation keeps changing. Food, language, religion, music, culture etc. kept changing. There was an inter-mixing of all these. Hence leading to diversity.

11 From where does diversity comes? 1.People adapt their lives to the geographical areas where they live 2.Mixing of the different cultures 3.Historical influence of the region  Thus, historical and geographical factors influence the diversity of a region

12 Differentiate between these two sets of the pictures

13 Quiz now.......... 1.Name the two places shown above 2.Name the difference in the pictures 3.Why do we wear sweaters in one set of pictures and not the other? 4.Name the different festivals celebrated? 5.Why different animals are seen these two sets of the pictures?  This is how historical and geographical factors influence the diversity of a region.

14 What do you understand by Unity in diversity? Diversity is our strength. We are united amidst this diversity. People from different cultures, religion, regional background etc. always remained together and fought together be it freedom struggle or any moment of crisis in our history. Despite this diversity, what keeps the nation united? National anthem Freedom struggle National festivals Beliefs, customs Religious books – Gita, Quran, Bible

15 Questions for reflection 1.Who coined the term “unity in diversity” 2.In what way does the national anthem describe this unity? 3.Choose two other regions in India and do a similar study of, on how the historical and geographical factors influence the diversity found there.

16 Thank you!!!!

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