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The added value information service that focuses on the European Union, the countries of Europe, and on the issues of concern to citizens, stakeholders.

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Presentation on theme: "The added value information service that focuses on the European Union, the countries of Europe, and on the issues of concern to citizens, stakeholders."— Presentation transcript:

1 The added value information service that focuses on the European Union, the countries of Europe, and on the issues of concern to citizens, stakeholders and researchers in the Europe of today Easy Access Expert selection Extensive coverage

2 Looking for information on … + Challenges facing EMU in the euro zone + State of play on adopting new Capital Requirements Directive + Effectiveness of the European External Action Service + Role of the autonomous regions in Spain + Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy + Changing role for NATO in the 21 st Century + Where does power lie in the European Union? + The General Election in Greece in 2012 + Impact of the Arab Spring 2011 on the EU + Policies on banning the burqa across Europe + Energy & pipeline politics in Europe Looking for information on…

3 Easy access Expert selection Extensive coverage ESO offers …

4 One search in ESO will find you quality full text and bibliographic information from the following… Easy Access…

5 Books

6 Academic journals

7 European Union - Institutions You can find all proposals for legislation and other COM documents via ESO Follow the progress of this proposal through the PreLex link offered in the ESO record Legislative documents Links to related SEC documents are also available in ESO

8 European Union - Institutions Judicial information All Press Releases of the European Court of Justice are available via ESO offering links to the full text of important ECJ judgments

9 European Union - Institutions News sources Press Releases, Memos, Speeches and related news sources from the EU Institutions available via ESO Reaction and commentary in newspapers and other news services, plus stakeholder opinion, available via ESO

10 European Union - Institutions Statistics Statistical information from Eurostat and other organisations available via ESO

11 European Union - Institutions


13 European Union - Agencies

14 International Organisations

15 Think tanks & Research organisations



18 Professional Associations and NGOs


20 News sources

21 …one search in ESO will find quality full text and bibliographic information from all these sources Links to over 200,000 sources of information, including 20,000 new sources in 2011 + over 100 unique ESO Information Guides

22 Simple Search Advanced Search Browse the Information Guides or the latest information How does ESO work? …

23 Add keywords or phrases and click go ESO Simple Search

24 Format of each source The keywords of your search List provides brief details of the results of your search. Click on the title for further information

25 Geographic Indicators: Countries or regions covered by the source Author of the source Title of the source Click on link to read full text of the source Full index record

26 ESO Advanced Search offers you more ways to refine your search You can specify the relationship of your subject terms Add key words or phrases In addition, you can search by title, author, series title, and/or ISBN, You can restrict your search by date of publication You can refine your search by source type, source origin, subject and/or geographic indicator

27 Expert Selection… The information sources to be found in ESO are chosen by experts in indexing and the subject coverage of the service. Led by Ian Thomson, Executive Editor Sources are chosen to be relevant to the citizen, student, researcher, practitioner and professional in all countries

28 Extensive coverage… The key focus of ESO coverage is the institutions and activities of the European Union ESO also covers: Developments in the countries and regions of Europe The work of other international organisations in Europe Issues of concern to European citizens and stakeholders ESO coverage includes: EU documentation / National sources / Think tanks / Research organisations / Other international organisations / Academic monographs / Periodical articles / News sources

29 Other features In ESO

30 Keep up-to-date with developments in Europe

31 Keep up-to-date Information added daily

32 Key Sources

33 Key Source highlights the most important sources. They are always listed at the head of your search results

34 ESO – to find full text sources

35 Source URL Click on link to find full text of source or website Related URL Multiple links to related sources and websites

36 ESO Background Information Links take you to previous ESO records for further information

37 Open urls and the use of link resolvers may allow you to find the full text of the article

38 ESO Information Guides EU InstitutionsEU PoliciesEuropean Countries

39 ESO Information Guides Unique and up-to-date introductions to the Institutions & Policies of the EU with hyperlinks to further information

40 Each ESO Information Guide begins with an up-to-date introduction to the subject…

41 … and continues with links to further information Click on the hyperlinks to find more information on the subject of the Information Guide within ESO Hyperlinks to find further information on the subject of the Information Guide on external websites

42 ESO also offers a series of Information Guides to fifty European countries

43 Each ESO Country Information Guide offers you a structured list of links to important information about the country

44 Email Alert

45 Receive a weekly email from ESO alerting you to the latest information on the subjects of interest to you

46 Register for your Email Alert from the ESO Home Page

47 Add your email address to register / un-register / amend your choices Choose the countries / regions and / or subjects you are interested in

48 RSS Feed

49 Click on RSS to subscribe to our RSS feed

50 Broken Links

51 Broken link? Click on this link to tell us a hyperlink in this record is broken. We will correct it on the next working day

52 Remote access ESO is available via remote access methods Multiple user access An ESO subscription entitles you to multiple user access on the network of the subscribing organisation Usage statistics Statistics of ESO use at your organisation can be obtained. Click on Librarians Resources on Homepage ESO is an English language service, which offers access to information, opinions and perspectives from all of Europe

53 Subscriptions Download an application formapplication form To request a free trial send an email to

54 Further information Ian Thomson, ESO Executive Editor European Documentation Centre Cardiff University PO Box 430 Cardiff, CF24 0DE Wales, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)29 2087 4262 Email: © Ian Thomson, Cardiff EDC, May 2012

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