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Fresh Expressions Training. Learn about Experience Train for.

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1 Fresh Expressions Training

2 Learn about Experience Train for

3 Core values Ecumenical Formative spiritual journey Contextual and flexible Building community Best adult educational practice Prayerful Experiential

4 try this the word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood… (John 1)

5 Fresh Expressions Training

6 vision days Today I learnt that Fresh Expressions of Church is not just the latest buzz word. I see its impact. John Grice at the Oswestry Vision Day Our Rural Fresh Expressions Conference was so encouraging both because of the great interest from rural churchgoers but also because we heard of so many exciting and innovative things already going on. We should have more of these Vision Days Alan Smith, Bishop of St Albans

7 vision days the evaluations for the three Vision Days which took place in October, in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were all very positive. People expressed greater appreciation for the "new look" powerpoint presentations. Many of the changes you have made, are in fact ones that we were thinking needed to be made. Nick Brotherwood FX Canada

8 mission shaped intro 1.Rediscovering mission and what that means for church 2.Changing world, changing church 3.Community 4.Worship 5.Leadership and discipleship 6.Where do we go to from here?

9 mission shaped intro The entire leadership team from our church, The Living Room, attended Mission Shaped Intro. Although our church is already quite missional, MSI helped us advance the dialog regarding our expression of church. It also helped us face some old paradigms we werent even aware we had. Whether youre part of an established traditional church or part of a new emerging church, Mission Shaped Intro will help you rethink and reach out in fresh ways. Michael Jones, Lead Pastor, The Living Room, Montreal, QC

10 10 mission shaped ministry a one year learning journey to equip people for starting and sustaining fresh expressions of church –taught 24 unit course –augmented by coaching/mentoring –supported by published and online resources suitable for all

11 Student stories 11

12 12 who will come? exploring ideas for fresh expressions experienced pioneers wanting to be more effective in mission

13 outcomes equipped for mission shaped ministry new fresh expressions growing fresh expressions calls to ministry existing churches renewed in mission local Christians and churches coming together in mission. 13

14 14 course structure one year long 24 units –6 weekday evenings –3 saturdays –1 weekend away optional units

15 15 course content six main subject areas personal formation Christian formation missiology and ecclesiology cultural exegesis starting a fresh expression sustaining and maturing a fresh expression

16 16 unit contents framework of prayer and worship teaching of principles stories and case studies exercises and group work application for local context

17 17 resources provided learning outcomes full teachers notes members notes PowerPoint presentations guidelines for further reading audio-visual resources all downloadable / continually revised

18 18 oversight provided by the msm board: Revd Howard Mellor (chair) Professor John Drane (vice chair) Bishop Graham Cray national msm team members adult educators/theologians partner representatives local msm course leaders

19 testimony Mission-Shaped Ministry is a gem of a resource for anyone involved in reaching beyond the church walls with the good news. With great content, creatively presented, it is an almost essential tool for anyone engaged in pioneering ministry or thinking about fresh ways of being church. Ive done the course myself and regularly recommend it to others. Ian Bell, Coordinator, VentureFX introductory presentation19

20 testimony msm provides one of the most exciting and creative ways in which Gods gifts can be nourished and focused to have maximum impact for the Gospel in our times. I hope that many will take advantage of this important opportunity - I commend the course warmly. God ever calls us to be agents of His new and surprising life. Right Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby introductory presentation20

21 contextualisation 21

22 mission shaped ministry 22

23 Fresh Expressions Training

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