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This morning’s message is totally different than anything we normally do on SM. But it’s a great message because it tells you what you’re signing up for if you attend PBC. Background: 4 yrs ago I asked your pulpit committee to identify some weaknesses in PBC. They identified two weaknesses: communication. “Too few people know what is going on.” Has the communication improved in the last five years? Much! We have addressed that weakness through the internet, bulletin, announcement slides. Today is another step in our communication process. I want to talk to as many of you as I can about our church, about who we are, what we’re trying to do, and where we’re trying to go and how you fit in to all of this plus what your tithes and offerings are being used for. Lack of planning. Has the planning improved in the last five years? Much! This type of service could not have been done 5 years ago because there would have been nothing to share with you. But we’re learning TOGETHER (key word is together). Does everyone have a handout? Please fill in the blanks as we go along! Indicate your interest in a particular ministry and turn it in at the close of the service or to Sharon/me sometime in the next week.

2 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
PROVERBS 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Why is a vision important? Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision...” Repeat it with me! Remember: Every growing church has a vision; every dying church has lost its vision. Which had a better vision in the 1980’s? Wal-mart or Hecks? _____ SS attendance ___ years ago was ; in 2005 it was 10. Many years ago two shoe salesmen were sent to the same town. One telegraphed back, “Send me to another town. No one wears shoes here.” The second salesman telegraphed back, “Send me more shoes. No one wears shoes here.” What was the difference? The difference was vision. Which shoe salesman do you want to be? Want Pollard to be? Every growing church has a vision; every dying church has lost its vision.

“Our church’s purpose is to help every member become complete in Christ by emphasizing personal development in discipleship, evangelism, ministry, worship, and fellowship.” We revised our PURPOSE statement a few months ago to MATCH our church logo. Read the purpose statement with me. It tells you exactly what ought to be happening at PBC. Which one of those areas do you need the most help in? You may be really good in one area or just average in a few areas…but poor in other areas. God wants you to be a complete Christian! Explain the results of the Brain Expander.

4 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)
And He personally gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, for the training of the saints in the work of ministry, to build up the body of Christ... (Holman Christian Standard Bible) Read in unison. Do you know what that means? This is a fill in the blank. We don’t exist to have church. We exist to train or develop. Do you know what a church service is? It is a tool to train you or to develop you. If preaching doesn’t train you or develop you then it’s just a waste of time.

5 PASTOR’S VISION “There are 93,000 people within seven miles of PBC. We need to think, plan, and work as if we are God’s only solution within those seven miles.” God put PBC here to change the Pollard area plus the Tri-State plus the world for Jesus. In Henry Blackaby’s words, That is a God-sized task! Such thinking and planning and working will change your life, change PBC, plus change our world.

6 Assimilate New Members on Purpose
Move the unchurched from the Community, into the Crowd, to the Congregation, to the Committed, to the Core and back into the Community. How do you do this? You do this by following this training process to produce fully devoted disciples. The final stage of this process is coming next Sunday night. Fill in the blank: The convert is not fully evangelized until he becomes an evangelist and converts someone else. It’s great to have everyone here! But God is not satisfied with that. God wants you to bring new people into God’s church. How many did you bring into PBC in 2005? 2004? 2003? Some people have been in church ten years and added no one and they aren’t even trying to add anyone. We need to develop you to the point where everyone is able to do this. A Multi-Year Process!!! Finally in place!

7 Class 201 = Maturity/Growth began Nov 2003
A PROVEN PROCESS! Class 201 = Maturity/Growth began Nov 2003 Class 301 = Ministry/Gift begins next Sunday! Class 501 Core/Leadership began Jan 2006 Class 101 = Membership – began 2003 101 – this is all about our church purpose. We began this class in Interesting statistic: 82% of Lutheran churches have this type of class. That is the highest percent among all the denominations. Guess which denomination has the lowest percent? SBC. We have this kind of class. If I was looking for a new church I would make sure my new church has this class…proof they know what they’re doing. 201 – rolled it out in Nov 2003 – 34 students have taken this course. 301 – has been a struggle to organize – roll it out to some of our staff next SN. 401 – the entire church went through this last fall on Sunday night. Some of you began witnessing to your relatives during that class, others improved their witnessing, and we realized that this has to be a high priority at PBC. It coincided nicely with rolling out our Wednesday Mission Night emphasis. 501 – the hardest class because it is a deep thinking class. This is the #1 mentoring class for our leaders. This class is done through Saturday morning workshops and emphasizes small team solutions. We have a young leadership at PBC in terms of experience and training…this class will help our leadership to mature at a faster rate. This complete process is now in place...PBC now has more tools for personal development than the average church of a thousand in worship. Class 401 = Missions/Sharing Faith began Fall 2005

Let’s look back at our attendance numbers. Since the mid 90’s our Sunday morning worship attendance has been between 100 and 120. But at the same time the church has changed considerably. How much have we changed? Ask everyone to stand who has begun attending Pollard since the previous pastor (Bill Vallance). A few weeks ago we had thirty in the sanctuary SN service…only five of them were from before Bill. I remember hearing talk in the 1980’s that PBC had become a very old church…will it survive? That entire generation is now gone…we’ve essentially finished our transition to another generation. And we’ve been able to keep our attendance at a reasonable level. This means two things: God wants PBC to still have an effective ministry in Ashland. Other churches are not going to survive the loss of their oldest generation. We have a big discipleship ministry to do because we have had a big turnover from an older generation to a younger generation. Discipleship is all about developing people. One additional note: this represents average attendance. Many more people attend PBC than this…our spreadsheet for tracking people has the names of 175 people who come to PBC on at least an occasional basis. In other words, just getting them to come more often would make a big difference in our attendance.

This graph shows how you have supported our efforts through your tithes and offerings. Our tithes and offerings for 1999 were only 103,000 – partly because the church had a lot of older people on limited income. That was low for a church of our size. The T & O for 2005 were 141,650. God gave you the money to give back to Him and you have done that in record amounts. Last year was just below the previous year’s record! We are budgeting for another record year of giving in 2006 so we need you to be faithful in your tithes and offerings. The budget goal for our 2006 ministries is 146,000.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission We accomplished much more than I can list with you…but let me highlight a few ideas to let you know how far we came in 2005. CLASS 401 – training you in how to share Jesus with your friends and neighbors. We now do some of this training on WN. The next 401 class is scheduled for October or earlier if needed.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Hatcher – we went outside the walls in 2005 for the first time in many years! The area schools have an afterschool program that lets the kids stay at school until the parents get home from work, etc. We are allowed to teach the Bible on school property. In a few years the witches and homosexuals will have their own classes as well. We have a great opportunity to reach the children with God’s word. I am very proud of Lisa Adkins, Rebecca Scott, Kathy Fraser, and all the other helpers! We laid the foundation for this ministry in 2004: Conducted training for children’s workers (Level 1 Teaching Children Effectively) and developed some skilled workers Began the Good News Club on Sunday night. Got experience here at PBC then leveraged it into Hatcher. 24 students at Hatcher! The Dorcas SS class deserves special mention because they’re buying the treats for the Hatcher mission project!

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Family Night Good News Club (ages 5 -12) Junior High PALS Sanctuary Family Night is one of those fabulous things that we just stumbled into. We just started something and then let it sort itself out. Problem: Most churches have either lost or are going to lose their SN service. God has given PBC a tool to preserve our SN plus make it relevant to the people. FN gives something special to everyone…and I would not be surprised to see it eventually become as big or even bigger than Sunday School. Our FN in the previous church was actually bigger than our SS.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Family Night Good News Club (ages 5 -12) Junior High PALS Sanctuary New “Basics” Sunday School Class I remember asking your pulpit committee to identify a program they would like to begin in the next 5 years. The second item they mentioned was a Basics class. It took us four years to get to this point but we made it! Every church needs a very simple Bible doctrines class. We don’t talk about deep things like predestination and demonology and the book of the Revelation. Very simple class! The Basics class is nearing the end of its original purpose…and will soon make a decision as to whether to continue as a group and evolve into its own class on a level like the rest of our classes. A new Basics class is planned for the fall or whenever God sends us enough students.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Family Night Good News Club (ages 5 -12) Junior High PALS Sanctuary New “Basics” Sunday School Class Revived Church Council Planning Cycle There is an old saying, “Plan your work and work your plan.” Every church needs a planning center…The CC is once again learning how to plan…and the 2006 vision for each department is in your bulletin. If you compare this year’s vision plans with last year’s vision plans you will see a marked improvement.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Family Night Good News Club (ages 5 -12) Junior High PALS Sanctuary New “Basics” Sunday School Class Revived Church Council Planning Cycle Elective Material in SS Classes (PDL, etc.) We broke the mold in 2005 and let our classes decide what kind of material they wish to use. Two classes studied the Purpose Driven Life…Jim’s class is currently doing a great study on the apostles…and they’re finding out the apostles are just like them. There is plenty of specialized material that can be used! This will give some variety to our classes and also gives you more options to grow as a Christian.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Family Night Good News Club (ages 5 -12) Junior High PALS Sanctuary New “Basics” Sunday School Class Revived Church Council Planning Cycle Elective Material in SS Classes (PDL, etc.) Third Floor Renovation Project – whew! Can anyone say amen? This was the biggest effort since the auditorium was redone. It took a long time. Some of us felt like we were having a baby but it’s now over.

C.L.A.S.S. 401 – Discovering My Life Mission Hatcher Elementary Good News Club Family Night Good News Club (ages 5 -12) Junior High PALS Sanctuary New “Basics” Sunday School Class Revived Church Council Planning Cycle Elective Material in SS Classes (PDL, etc.) Third Floor Renovation Project – whew! Adult Mission Night – prayer circles, etc. Let me encourage you to be with us on WN. If you can only attend one service a week then I hope you will choose WN because we are going to teach you two things: 1. How to get your friends saved 2. How to pray for souls to be saved. Some of you are very weak in prayer…WN’s circles will teach you how to pray and what to pray for! Do you have an unsaved loved one? You can recruit people to pray with you in these prayer circles. We have 20 Wed night prayer warriors to pray about your lost loved ones. My goal is 40! Conclusion: PBC isn’t everything it ought to be…but thanks to you it made a lot of progress in 2005! Which of those accomplishments are you the most proud of? I can’t rank them in order…I’m just glad we can lay those items at Jesus’ feet and say, “Here is what we did because we love You.”

18 “Building inside the walls for ministry outside the walls.”
2006 THEME: “Building inside the walls for ministry outside the walls.” I have never before used a theme for an entire year but this year will be different. We will continue building you spiritually through the Sunday School, our sanctuary services, our prayer circles, our mission training, as well as the Christian Life and Service Seminars we already have in place: 101, 201, and 401 plus the new ones: 301 and 501. Outside the walls – we have a mission field of 93,000! 92,800 of them have no relationship to PBC…and a lot of them have no relationship to any church. Specific list of thirteen items that are either new or recently new. We could talk about VBS but you already know that’s coming… If you’re worried that thirteen is an unlucky number, just remember that our God is bigger than the number 13! Write these items on your handout. If you are interested in this activity, then put a checkmark in the section at the bottom of the page. For example, if you’re interested in the first item then put a check mark next to number 1, etc.

WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? 1. C.L.A.S.S. 301 “DISCOVERING YOUR MINISTRY” 301 HAS TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL TO IMPROVE our church because it will improve you as a person. God expects every one of His children to be involved in the ministry…but lots of people don’t know what their ministry is. Surprise! 301 will help you realize that you have more ministries than you think. Only 20% of the churches our size have this type of class. But PBC now does! What does 301 do? Next slide!

Here is what 301 does: it identifies your SHAPE: spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences. In other words, who am I? And what was I made to do? Some of you are confused about that and so you are operating below your potential. This class will help you understand who you are…that will help you in every area of life. What should you be doing for Jesus? Do you have some hidden abilities that are not being used? Classic example: Jan Lewis quilts blankets for Hospice. That is a great ministry. We could also be doing that for every baby born at PBC or born in the Pollard community. How many of you like to quilt or sew? That isn’t a spiritual gift but it is an ability that you have a heart for. Maybe we ought to have a quilting Saturday one afternoon a month for everyone to get together! 301 is a normal 4 hour class like the 101, 201, and 401..requires three hours of homework after the class…then a one hour interview with the pastor or someone I will eventually train…and we then identify some very clear ministries that you can do with a high degree of skill. Over the next three years I think our ministries will increase by maybe 50% because you are going to discover more of your own ministries…plus you will be enlisting people outside our church to help you in your own ministry. Requirement: You must take 101 “Discovering Church Membership” before Most of you have already done that so that is no problem. Check #1 on your sheet if you think you can help. EXPERIENCES

21 WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? 2. FULLY FUNCTIONING MISSION COMMITTEE - create a first rate, cohesive churchwide mission program based on Acts 1:8. 301 is about building inside the walls; the MC is about building outside the walls. PBC needs an organized program to reach those 93,000 people outside our walls. That program has not existed at PBC in decades but it will change in 2006. Everyone read Acts 1:8 from your study sheet. “you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem (home town), in all Judea (home state) and Samaria (another culture), and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 (HCSB) By April we will have a committee meeting monthly to lead us in doing just exactly that: educate us about missions (through classes, dvd’s, speakers, etc.), motivate us to actually do mission work in the community like the Hatcher Afterschool program…door to door visitation, etc. The committee members will include the VBS Director (is VBS mission work? Yes.), Nursing Home Director (that’s missions, too), WMU Director, Baptist Men’s Director, Outreach Director, Good News Club Director, plus two or three additional people who are motivated in missions…one of whom is Jan Lewis because of her ties to Hospice. This committee will help us both think and do missions on a regular basis.

I can envision us having our own Derby race in How many of you know what I’m talking about? Let me show you. VIDEO of Solida Saturday races. Do you think that will help bring in the young people? This is good for all ages! Someone needs to make this track…take a lot of work…we can take you to a church which has a track. Check #3 on your sheet if you think you can help.

I read a book the other day about the Napoleonic wars. Did you know who the snipers shot at the most? The commanding officers from the opposing army. Well, the devil shoots at me every day! I want to enlist the help of God’s people. I know all of you pray for me every day but I want more than that. I want thirty people to sign up and take responsibility for one day a month to pray extremely hard for your pastor…at breakfast, noon, evening! I want to be in your prayers all day! One person will do March 1, another person will do March 2, another person March 3 and you’ll pray for me several times during the day. Would you do that for me? Check item 4 on your sheet! PASTOR’S PRAYER TEAM

WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? 5. EXPANDING THE GNC AFTERSCHOOL MINISTRY We had 24 students at Hatcher the other day. Do you know what God calls that? A gold mine of a mission field. One little boy was asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up? Someone for God or someone for the devil?” He answered: It depends on who gets to me first. How many other area schools have afterschool programs? Hager, Charles Russell? No other church is ministering in those schools. Can PBC do a second or even a third school this coming year? The Mission Committee will be in charge of that. Check #5 on your sheet if you think you can help.

25 6. C.L.A.S.S. 501 “Core Leadership Training”
WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? 6. C.L.A.S.S. 501 “Core Leadership Training” 501 HAS TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL TO IMPROVE our church because it will improve our leaders. We have a new generation of leaders at PBC…the old generation is now dead. Our current leadership has one major disadvantage: they are blue collar people…factory workers who have not been given leadership training like the white collar workers. This class will help them learn how to THINK! There are three things you need to know about this class: This class is done through a Saturday morning workshop…my goal is to do it every six weeks. I teach for around 45 minutes then the people divide into teams and do a very detailed study using modern problem solving tools. Our textbook is The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren. Copies of that textbook are available in Sharon’s office. Every new convert needs a copy of The Purpose Driven Life and every church leader needs a copy of The Purpose Driven Church. We study what God is doing in our church and how to make our church better. Our first workshop had everyone listing all the ministries in PBC. They worked for a solid hour and said they needed more time! Only 21% of the churches our size have this type of class. But PBC now does! Who is the class for? Anyone who wants to make PBC a better church and to understand PBC. In our previous church we had folks attend who weren’t church leaders…they just wanted to learn and fellowship with other people…and they enjoyed it. If you want to come then check that block and then see Sharon about your textbook. The cost is 12.

This is an “outside the wall ministry” that might appear this coming summer. The GNC is a tool created by a worldwide mission organization called Child Evangelism Fellowship. Child Evangelism Fellowship has lots of other tools to reach children, too, and one of those tools is the Backyard Bible Club. The Backyard Bible Club operates on your front porch or in your garage or back’s like an outside VBS without the crafts… There are three things the homeowner does: Recruit the children. It can be your own grandchildren! Create space for the club to meet. Provide refreshments. Key: We provide the teacher. My girls attended this type of club at Bob Holbrook’s when they were six and eight years old and they had a blast… 7. BACKYARD BIBLE CLUBS

WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? 8. TEACHING CHILDREN EFFECTIVELY LEVEL 2 TRAINING Some of our people graduated from the Level 1 training two years ago. Those people are now eligible for Level 2 training. We are interested in knowing how many of them want to do the advanced training. This summer would be the ideal time for that training. So if you’ve been through Level 1 and want to do Level 2 check your paper.

WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? How many of you had a good experience in the RA’s, GA’s, Acteens when you were a child? One of my dreams for 2005 was to have a mission class for every age on WN. We have encountered three problems with that dream: WN is a hard night for school children to attend. WN is a hard night for working parents with children to attend. WN is a hard night to recruit workers. The original plan needs a jumpstart or a different formula for success. Goal: The Good News Club will complete its second year in late spring. It’s likely our Jr High teacher Randy Mason may want to take off the summer like he did last year. You can’t keep riding a good horse without giving it some time to rest. What will we do with our children? They’ll stay home unless we give them a reason to attend. Summer mission classes will fill the hole on Sunday night. Summer is a very relaxed time…and the RA’s and GA’s are very relaxed classes. Goal: the Mission Committee will create some mission classes for our students up to the PALS Class – the PALS are already making their own transition to missions and we won’t tamper with a good thing. In so doing, we can keep those kids coming…and prob enlarge our children’s ministries because these classes can work great outdoors! I can see us taking the boys down to the river bank and having a Bible lesson then fishing till 11:00…and talking about fishing for the souls of men! Brag on McCleeta at Worthington who did the GA’s. She had a van full of girls on WN…did all kinds of fun things! These types of classes need more than just teachers…they need people who can do outside stuff…craft work…fishing…horse shoes…if you’re interested then put a check mark in #9 plus write down at the bottom of your sheet anything you do that would interest children ages 5 – Jr High. We desperately need mission classes to teach our children! 9. SUMMER MISSION CLASSES

WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? This is a pastor led Sunday School class for people who need the very basic teachings of the Bible. It is a class that Ed Meyers needed when he first got saved…because none of our other classes are really geared to new converts. The Basics’ class covers topics like the Trinity and the role of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Some people don’t even know what the Trinity is…they ought to be in the Basics class. Also, how does a person get saved? And what happens when I do get saved? What is baptism and the Lord’s Supper? How reliable is the Bible? What is the church? BASICS is a beginning level class for people who want to get a good grounding in the basics. Our other adult classes operate on a higher level than the Basics class. So how good is your own Bible understanding? If you’re drowning in your current class…your teacher is teaching over your head then this class is for you and you can join us next SM. If you are interested please put a check mark in #10. 10. CONTINUED “BASICS” CLASS

30 11. PROMISE KEEPERS (Men’s Conference in Columbus)
WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? How many of you have ever been to a Promise Keeper’s Conference? This is a very popular thing with men. The theme is helping men become real men in their homes by living for Jesus…becoming godly husbands and godly fathers… Doug and Wes would like to take a group to Columbus this year for a Friday-Saturday conference. The dates are July 14 – 15 just before VBS. You may not be available on Friday but you might be available on Saturday. There is a registration fee but if you can’t afford the fee then someone will take care of that for you. If you would like further info, then check item 11 on your form. Would Wes and Doug like to meet with you this morning? 11. PROMISE KEEPERS (Men’s Conference in Columbus)

If the men can do it, so can the ladies! Our ladies have not gone to any retreats since I’ve been here. I’d like to get you organized to go to a retreat this year. Berean Baptist Church in Portsmouth has a retreat in the spring for around 600 ladies. Our church won an award at that retreat some years ago. It’s a Friday night – Saturday retreat…some folks stay over in Wheelersburg and fellowship all night long…others drive back Friday night…pick up new people on Saturday and then drive back. Interested? Check box 12…and don’t you men check the box for your wives because you think she needs it! 12. LADIES’ RETREAT

WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2006? We did a New Year’s Eve celebration that went till around midnight. Would you like to do an even bigger celebration in June on a Friday night? At previous church people brought in their campers, tents, air mattresses…. or you could stay up all night and talk or play games… we showed an outdoors movie with a projector and used the back of the church for the screen. We could visit Marian Clark at 3 am! Some might stay all night…others go home at 9, 10, midnight…and maybe have a breakfast in the morning for those who stayed and those who came back. My wife and I stayed in a pup tent at one of these all-nighters and the teenage boys fixed it so we couldn’t get out! Check item 13 if you are interested. 13. JUNE ALL-NIGHT FELLOWSHIP

Do you think these goals will help us accomplish this? Fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, ministry, and worship! I think so! There is a lot more coming…read your bulletin as to what the department directors intend to get done! None of you will be involved in everything we do…but all of you will be involved in part of what we do. OF JESUS CHRIST!

34 We have identified our target!

35 Would you like to go with us?
THIS DOES NOT MEAN: We will accomplish all of these goals, but it does mean we have an idea as to where we are going! Would you like to go with us?

36 OLD SAYING: “We overestimate what can be done in one year; we underestimate what can be done in twenty years.” We have come a long way in many areas in the last five years. Do you know why? It is because you said, “Count me in!” I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR SAYING, “Count me in.” You have been a joy to work with…but the job is not over. I still need you to say, “Count me in.” Can I count on you? Most importantly, can God count on you to help these people become complete in Christ? Close the service with We’ll Work Till Jesus Come, To The Work, etc. And arrange a circle of prayer around the auditorium.

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