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LSiS Grant for IAG Development – Rural Norfolk Federation.

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1 LSiS Grant for IAG Development – Rural Norfolk Federation

2 Progress Report to date IAG leads from the 4 schools have met on many occassions and carried out a needs analysis for IACG for each school lAG Leads have developed a 3 hour lesson plan to deliver Interview skills for Year 9 students Delivered a pilot of the 3 hour lesson plan on Interview Skills for 20 Year9 students at one school Students have met with a Web Designer and given their feedback to him on their ideas for content/look for a IAG Portal IAG Leads/Connexions have come-up with a list of good web-sites to go on the IAG E-portal to help students. LOP Director has met with the 4 major FE College Leads to draw-up an Accord as to how we can work effectively together to aid transition, get feed-back on student applications and gaps in skills. Pilot for staff training module on Helpyouchoose organised and should have been delivered today.

3 Progress Report to date Change-talk training for IAG Leads Change-talk used by IAG leads in work with e-portal development and Interview Skills Workshop pilot

4 Year 9 Interview Skills


6 Student Feedback I have learnt more about how to answer questions in interviews Ive learnt a lot in these 2 hours we have had Ive learnt new things that I didnt know before and I think that these will help me in the future I now know how to fill-in application forms It has made me have more confidence I learnt what to wear for an interview I learnt today what questions to ask at interview and how to answer questions.

7 Student Feedback What I learned today is how to be more confident in the future and some good questions to ask at an interview I have an interview in 2 weeks at Easton College and I feel I can do really well in my interview Now I am prepared for an interview thank-you Nikki I learnt a lot today

8 For Further details please see me Details: Mr Bal Tawana Assistant Headteacher Alderman Peel High School Market Lane Wells-next-the-Sea Norfolk NR23 1RB E-mail:

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