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Born: Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Seaford, Delaware.

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1 Born: Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Seaford, Delaware

2 I Live in Seaford  I live with my two brothers, a sister, Mom, and Step Dad.  I live out towards Reliance in a little neighborhood  It’s nice that I have a friend there most of the time.

3 My mom has lots of kids  First was me then my, brother, then my sister then, my youngest brother.  Well at least that’s what I think anyway.

4 Things I do  I like to play video games with my friend.  Also I would probably ride my bike or have a catch.  I would probably hurt myself someway.

5 only 1 language  Our whole family speaks only one language.  English is our one language at home.

6 I have two favorite foods  My first favorite is tacos because of the tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese and sauce.  Also I love spaghetti if I really hungry I can eat 4 bowls.

7 Favorite subject HMMMMM  It would have to be social studies, science, and gym.

8 Family vacation My family and me go to the beach almost every weekend in the summer.

9 Birthday  I was born on May 20 th 1998.

10 Favorite holiday Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is my favorite because I like to scare people.

11 Shoe size  My dad says that I have big feet for a 11 year old.

12 My family  I live in a nuclear family with 5 other people.

13 How my culture spreads  Parts of my family grow and get married.  Or they end up having babies.

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