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Central Laser Facility

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1 Central Laser Facility
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Laser Acceleration -the VULCAN PW laser Peter Norreys Central Laser Facility Plasma physics group, Imperial College, London Staff of the Central Laser Facility

2 Outline Brief description of the VULCAN PW Facility
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Brief description of the VULCAN PW Facility Why it is useful for accelerator studies Acceleration of protons and heavy ions Future prospects for laser accelerators Ideas for future ExoWatt laser systems Summary

3 Vulcan high power beam output
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 1991: High power project start 1993: 1st results with fibre stretcher 1995: Vacuum compressor installed 1998: Larger gratings 2000: Spare gratings available 2002: PW upgrade on line

4 Vulcan Laser System 8 Beam Nd:glass laser 3 kJ long pulse
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 8 Beam Nd:glass laser 3 kJ long pulse 100 TW, CPA 2 separate target areas

5 PetaWatt Upgrade - Stage 1
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory In March 1999, funding was awarded for the upgrade of the 100 TW CPA beamline to 1PW as the first stage of a major enhancement programme. This was made possible in part through the availability of certain components following the closure of the Nova system in the US Some additional components were also made available from the Phebus system in France

6 Maximising Intensity Rutherford Appleton Laboratory The focal intensity can be maximised using a combination of increasing the energy, reducing the focal spot size and reducing the pulse width. Focal Intensity Focal Spot Size Energy F - Number Beam Quality Pulsewidth Focal Spot Size Wavelength

7 Energy Increase Rutherford Appleton Laboratory The energy increase is provided by the installation of additional 208 mm amplifier from the NOVA system The pumping configuration is being modified to incorporate eight large bore flashlamps developed by the CLF Gain tests last year with the modified design demonstrate a small signal gain >2.2

8 Energy = Pulsed Power Rutherford Appleton Laboratory A large amount of pulsed power also came from Nova to drive these amplifiers We have taken the opportunity to also upgrade and replace the entire Vulcan pulsed power system Vulcan was closed for 3 months in 2001 for this to happen No other shutdown for PW installation

9 We must double Vulcan Bandwidth
Reducing Pulse Length Input bandwidth nm Which would support … fs Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Output bandwidth 2 nm Which supports … ~ 800 fs We must double Vulcan Bandwidth

10 wpump wsignal wsignal widler Bandwidth Increase
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification (OPCPA) … in the Front End Non linear medium wpump widler wsignal wsignal Conservation of Energy wp= ws + wi Phase-Matching Condition np wp= ns ws + ni wi

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