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Development Paths for IFE Mike Campbell General Atomics FPA 25 th Anniversary Meeting December 13,2004.

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1 Development Paths for IFE Mike Campbell General Atomics FPA 25 th Anniversary Meeting December 13,2004

2 A comprehensive Fusion Energy Development program was recently completed Panel chaired by R Goldston submitted plan to FESAC in March,2003 –MFE and IFE were included –Need for “burning plasma “demonstration was highlighted ITER NIF –“balanced program”-science (plasma physics,material science),engineering physics, technology was advocated –~30 years and ~$25B to Demo And……


4 Why? Fusion is a science program and not energy development –Energy R&D is not to demonstrate “it works”but to “make it better!” Clean coal Nuclear 2010 Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) –“If JFK had said we would be on the moon by the end of the century not by the end of the decade….” No Presidential mandate –NASA Mars Initiative –Hydrogen No Congressional mandate –NGNP (Dominici and Craig)

5 There is support for ICF/IFE and HEDP ICF is supported by DOE-NNSA as a key element of Stockpile stewardship with NIF as central element and strong support for Omega and Z Renewed commitment to ignition demonstration (Priority for Congress too) Congressional (House) support for Omega-EP in NNSA budget ($28M) Congressional (Senate) support for ZR, Petawatt on Z in NNSA budget($13) Congressional (House) support for Laser IFE (HAPL)in NNSA budget($25M) Congressional (Senate) support for Z-IFE in NNSA budget (part of $9M) Congressional support (Senate) for target fabrication ($5M) Congressional (Senate) support for HEDP at universities (UNR,UT)in NNSA budget HEDP and FI were part of OFES $12M plus-up HIF is supported for its contributions to beam and HEDP physics However, today there is no Executive/Congressional support for an integrated IFE program

6 IFE Power Plants are highly modular target Electricity Generator “combustion chamber Target factory Driver Final optics Modularity allows for multiple approaches and affordable development-”interface issues” must ultimately be addressed-average power experiments!

7 Phased development enabled by IFE Modularity remains valid Phase II Validate science & technology 2009 - 2020 Phase III Engineering Test Facility operating  2030  Full size driver  Optimize targets for high yield  Develop materials and components.   300-700 MW net electricity Phase I: Basic fusion science & technology 1999- 2008 Ignition Physics Validation MJ target implosions Calibrated 3D simulations Target design & Physics 2D/3D simulations 1-30 kJ laser-target expts MJ Z pinch expts Full Scale Components Power plant beamline (IRE) Target fab/injection facility Power Plant design Scalable Technologies Krypton fluoride laser Diode pumped solid state laser Heavy Ion Accelerators Rep-rated Z pinch Chambers materials/design Target fabrication

8 There is reason for optimism for ICF physics today NIF is getting done-it is hard but it will work (and 3D design codes)! Direct drive physics –Targets with R-T control “Adiabat” shaping Reduction in Laser imprinting –Ignition/gain without 4  illumination (“polar direct drive”) –Target fabrication (foams) Pulse power development –Targets with low l mode control –Dynamic Hohlraum Target Fabrication for indirect drive(all drivers) –Be/Cu ablators for R-T growth reduction and “low cost” cryo –Symmetry control (shims) Fast igntion –GEKO experiments -FIREX1 –PW additions to all US HEDP facilities The ICF “physics” story is much richer than at the initiation of NIF

9 The HAPL Program has made significant progress in Direct Drive IFE development KrF lasersSolid State lasers Target InjectionChamber Physics

10 Several opportunities exist to catalyze IFE support over the next 5-10 years Ignition/gain on NIF –NIF capsule gains (indirect drive) ~100 –Polar Direct drive (?) Successful low  (<4) implosion on Omega Q ~0.1 to 0.5 at FIREXI or Omega-EP with Fast Ignition High  R implosion (symmetry control, pulse shaping) on ZR

11 A plump J. Sethian

12 IFE support thru Congress is possible but support must be broadened and there must be an “exit strategy ” Executive (DOE) advocacy is ultimately required for IFE program –OFES (ITER?) –NNSA(?) New missions that are extensions of nuclear weapons activities can be developed (I.e. Pu disposition) It is possible to maintain Congressional advocacy at the ~$30- 40M/year (HAPL,Z-IFE,others(targets, reactor Physics)) for ~5 years within NNSA if ICF/IFE community (including lab advocacy) works together –Completion of Omega-EP, ZR and Z Petawatt are “opportunities” HEDP may also enable support outside of NNSA Iraq and the Deficit are real constraints

13 What to do? Continue progress in ICF and IFE Integrated IFE program planning (all approaches) and coordination –Since at present-no agency “owns” IFE and this is outside the role/capability of Congress, the community must do it-already happening at some level –Assume constant dollar level until “catalyzing event” Criteria for moving into Phase II –Timing problem? –Influenced (determined) by “catalyzing event” Broaden congressional support (low number of electoral votes!) and establish a lab advocacy

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