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15.3 Gene Technologies in Detail Mrs. Stipanovich.

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1 15.3 Gene Technologies in Detail Mrs. Stipanovich

2 Tools to Manipulate Genes: I.Restriction enzymes= enzymes that recognize a specific sequence of DNA called a “restriction site.” a. Used to cut DNA at these sites. b. Creates “sticky ends” which have a few bases on the end of it. c. Sticky ends will easily bind to one another.

3 Restriction Enzymes

4 Tools to Manipulate Genes II. Gel Electrophoresis= The process by which electrically charged DNA particles suspended in gel move through the gel because of an electric charge. a. The DNA forms “lanes.” b. Used to compare DNA, such as that of a suspect or a victim.

5 Gel Electrophoresis Can you tell who was the killer at crime scene 1?

6 Gel Electrophoresis in action!Electrophoresis Can I get a volunteer?

7 Tools to Manipulate Genes III. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)- A process used to clone sections of DNA for further study. a. Imitates the natural process of DNA Replication. b. Called a chain reaction because it repeats over and over (making many clones).


9 Tools to Manipulate Genes IV. Gene Recombination and Cloning a. Can insert a gene into an organism that replicates itself easily, such as bacterium.

10 Steps to Gene Recombination & Cloning 1.Cut the DNA samples. 2. Splice the sticky ends together. 3. Place into host (bacteria). 4. Replicate gene (let the bacteria breed). 5. Screen for the gene


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